What to look for when subscribing to a car online – MG Motor

If you have decided that a car subscription is an excellent way for you to become a car owner, the obvious next step is choosing the right subscription service to get the best possible deal. But how can you tell if one subscription is better than the other? Well, while most services like these work in the same manner, here are some of the things you must look for when selecting a subscription service.  

1. Easy Account Registration and Creation

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Let’s be honest; no one wants to fill page after page of information and details. A subscription service that offers a reasonably straightforward process of filling up basic information like name, phone number and address – to get your account up and running is ideal. Once you have an account, you can browse through the list of cars and select one that is perfectly suited to your needs.

2. Options To Suit Every Need

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  • Type:  Choosing a car can be a dilemma in itself; so, when you have a plethora of options, it can be a bit unnerving. A service that allows you to sift through options based on your preferences and needs, however, can be helpful. In such cases, having a ‘Filter’ feature makes it easy to pick out brands and specific features that you want in your car. So, say you are looking for a plush SUV but want an automatic gearbox, you can select these features in the Filter, and you will get a list of suitable options to pick from.
  • Tenure and Car Age: Some other things that a filter should let you select include the tenure of your car subscription, along with the mileage that the car has already covered. The same goes for the age of the vehicle, which can be adjusted according to your preference. Navigating a subscription service that includes such features makes the entire experience easy and more user friendly. Being able to filter car models based on the specifications you want, narrows down the options to a car that is right for you.

3. Maintenance and Other Costs

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  • Servicing: Ideally, owning a car comes with additional costs such as paying for an annual service or replacing worn-out parts. However, some subscriptions take care of these costs, and that can be a considerable advantage to the car owner. In such cases, the subscription company pays the service and maintenance costs, and may even pay for parts that need to be replaced.
  • Accident Damage: Subscription services may also provide Road-Side Assistance to car subscribers, in the unfortunate event of a collision. Having this feature can be helpful if you are in unfamiliar surroundings. While you may only need to call the number, Road-Side Assistance will attend to the other formalities. That said, you will be financially responsible for any damage that you cause to the vehicle, which is only fair. 
  • Private Registration: Another feature to look for when subscribing to a car is that it provides a private owner registration (white number plate). This means that there are no special permits or taxes required and you can use it as a regular car. For example, at tolls, you need to pay only the standard fare for a private registered car. 

4. Payment and Documents

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  • Documents:  Contrary to what you might imagine, paperwork and documents for a car subscription are quite basic. All you require are copies of your address proof, like your Aadhar Card or Passport, and of course a valid driver license along with a copy of your PAN card. Some subscription services are digitally forward, allowing you to upload the necessary documents on the subscription website, making it easier to complete the process.
  • Payment: Paying the monthly charge can be done through a credit or debit card once you finalise on the car model. You can either pay a fixed amount monthly or pay the amount for the entire tenure. Of course, like most subscriptions, the payments must be made beforehand.

All of these features make subscribing to a car relatively easy and quick. Once these formalities are over, the keys to the chosen car will be handed over to you. Another point worth noting is that should you wish to return the vehicle at any point before the tenure has expired, you will be charged only for the period for which you have used it. So, if you have subscribed to a car for 12 months but want to return it after 10 months, you will be charged for only that period.

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