The Best Road Trip Ideas for a Getaway from Delhi

Delhiites are no strangers to road trips. What can be more exhilarating than driving on endless roads with the best of scenic beauty around, and a playlist full of your favourite songs? Fortunately, there are several road trip options from Delhi that you can choose from. Here are some of the top destinations via Delhi that can offer you a transient yet memorable respite from the humdrum of life:

1. Kuchesar 

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A small princely state from the British era, Kuchesar is part of the Bulandshahr district in Uttar Pradesh. The serene environs of this village make it the ideal weekend getaway for city dwellers who need a break from the din and bustle of city life. Kuchesar has a rich history and is well-known for its mud fort, which has been converted into a heritage hotel. 

The mud fort is a unique experience for it offers a range of activities for visitors. 

2. Barsana 

Only a three-hour drive from Delhi, Barsana is famous as the birthplace of Radha. It is well-known for its exuberant and unique celebration of Holi, the festival of colours. While in Barsana, you may visit Radha Kushal Bihari Temple, Maan Mandir and Sankari Khor. If you are a history buff, then don’t miss the religious stupas in Barsana. The beautiful city is also situated around two hills, Brahma and Vishnu, making for picturesque locations. 

3. Neemrana

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Neemrana is perfect for a day trip from Delhi. It is one of the oldest heritage resorts and international tourist hotspots surrounded by the lush green Aravali hills. The fort has history, adventure, opulence and majestic views. Neemrana holds a sort of universal appeal because you can indulge in many activities right from the Fort Palace tour to zip-lining, Baori stepwell or shop for local handicrafts.

4. Alwar

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Alwar in Rajasthan is famous for its heritage, royalty and tradition. Surrounded by the beautiful Aravali hills, Alwar offers much to the tourists – from lakes and forts to palaces, museums and the must-visit Sariska National Park, which was once the hunting presentation of the erstwhile king. Do not miss the Siliserh Lake Palace and the Bala Qila Fort. Since there is a lot to cover in Alwar, it’s perfect for a weekend getaway.

5. Mathura-Vrindavan

A combined trip to the spiritual cities of Mathura and Vrindavan is truly food for the soul. With a rich past and an enticing milieu of temples, religious buildings, monuments and ghats, the twin cities have a surreal beauty that’s difficult to find in your run-of-the-mill tourist spots. 

From the Dwarkadheesh Temple, Gita Mandir, to a boat ride at the serene Vishram Ghat to the Kans Qila, Govardhan Hill and Mathura Museum, there’s plenty in Mathura to keep you occupied and craving for more. Enjoy the calm waters of Kusum Sarovar and the enchanting sandstone monument that’s out of this world. 

A trip to Vrindavan is incomplete without a visit to Banke Bihari Mandir, Radha Raman Temple, Prem Mandir, Nidhivan, ISKCON, Govind Devji Temple, Katyayni Peeth and Nandgaon. 

6. Dehradun

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The beautiful city of Dehradun is also called the Rainy City of India owing to its weather and the continuous rainfall during the monsoon. Since Dehradun is a good six-hour drive from Delhi, you need to pack and plan well for your trip. Ensure your car has been serviced recently, check tyre pressure and fill up your car’s tank before you start the drive. If you have an MG, this prep is a breeze since your i-SMART app shall update you on the status of all these check levels. 

The best thing about a road trip to Dehradun is that the journey is as exciting as the destination, with scenic roads and sights of local flora and fauna. Enjoy trekking at Har ki Dun or go exploring at Robber’s Cave, spot antlers, tigers and leopards at Rajaji National Park, or find your zen at the Mindrolling Monastery. There’s much to do at Dehradun, and it is an ideal road trip for families or groups of friends.