9 Ways to pass your time if you’re stuck in traffic – MG Motor

Nobody likes to get stuck in traffic, but this is a part of city life that you just can’t escape, especially on days when you’re running late. As cities make room to accommodate growing populations, there’s a rush hour waiting to test your patience several times a day. Fortunately, every inch of the modern car is packed with features that leave little time for boredom or idling. A little shift in perspective can help you recognise that this bumper-to-bumper situation was an opportunity in disguise all this while.

Here’s how you can optimise your time while stuck in traffic: 

1. Enjoy impromptu family time 

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Picture this: you are in your car, with your loved ones right next to you. What better opportunity than this to catch up on quality time with your fam-jam? If you have little ones on board, a round of dumb charades or the license plate game can infuse creativity and humour into an otherwise drab car ride. Fortunately, the new  MG Hector 2021 offers ample space for you to get creative with games that require more imagination, and of course, leg-room. Stacked with all-time favourites such as UNO, you’ll be ever-ready to play a reverse card at the dreaded traffic jam!

2.  Make quick calls  

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Get done with all your short calls to get a head start on the day or catch up on personal calls, usually put off in favour of more pressing tasks ahead – a great way to clear your mind and your call logs. 

3. Explore nearby landmarks 

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Curious if the intersection you are stuck at has a famous café or a pet supply store? Find out more about nearby landmarks, restaurants, and cinemas using MG Hector’s Nearby Search feature. See if you can take a detour using i-SMART’s re-routing suggestions or skip the monotony on your next commute. 

4. Explore new music 

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Organise your playlists and add new songs and artists to make sure you don’t run out of entertainment or get bored listening to the same old tracks. Keeping abreast of chart-toppers around the globe can come in handy with that new associate or boss who loves to show off his music knowledge. MG Hector’s built-in preloaded Gaana App offers access to unlimited music streaming, voice search of songs/artists, and downloads straight onto your Hector’s head unit.  

5. Explore infotainment 

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Surf through a world of audiobooks, podcasts, and radio channels. Either grab hold of your kindle or catch up on reading without actually reading with the help of audiobooks. Subscribe to podcasts that align with your interests and have a personal concert with your favourite author or celebrity. It can also a good time to catch up on the latest events by tuning in to the Shortpedia News App in your MG Gloster

6. Learn a new language 

Listening is key to learning a language and, with a plethora of language apps at your disposal, acquiring a new tongue has never been easier. Pick up the accents, grammar, and cultural idiom of a language from the numerous expert lessons available via podcasts, e-books, and apps. 

7. Breathe and stretch 

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Sometimes the chaos of traffic is the best place to practice mindfulness. Sitting still in traffic for a long time can strain the body and numb your circulation. So, pull up your handbrake and do some stretching exercises for your back, neck, shoulders, and so on.  Add a few breathing exercises, and you will feel charged up with the blood and oxygen flowing to the right places. With a car as roomy as the new MG Hector, you don’t have to worry about the space to stretch. 

8. Chat with your car 

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Strange advice? Think again. In 2021, you can chat with your car via the chit-chat feature of the MG i-smart. Just say ‘Hello MG’ to get started.

And, communicating with your car just got more fun as the new MG Hector understands Hinglish voice commands and responds to them instantly. Volume badhao, AC chalao – the Hector has evolved to understand you like a friend and infuse every journey with merry. 

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9. Get familiar with your MG i-smart

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This is the one step that will set you up for those long commutes once and for all. You can complete many of the tasks mentioned above via the versatile and feature-packed i-SMART in your MG, tailor-made exclusively for your convenience. With over-the-air (OTA) updates, a cloud-enabled voice assistant, navigation, and weather updates from Accuweather, the i-SMART is all about connectivity wherever you go. A 26.4 HD touch screen gives you easy access to smart drive information, real-time traffic status, and tons of other features that can make rush hour bearable. 

Being stuck in traffic doesn’t have to be a source of endless frustration anymore. Let it be your bonus hour when you relax or unwind, prep for the tasks ahead, and get organized – all from the safety and comfort of your car!