Why Your MG is Your Perfect Photography Partner – MG Motor

A photograph done right is as good as being there for the one who sees it. It speaks volumes in its stillness and retains the memories that we desire to hold dear. In the hands of the astute, photography is the means to documenting the experiences of humankind.

Why wouldn’t then the shutterbugs populating the country be itching to step out, now that they’ve spent months indoors clicking the birds on the tree outside the window or capturing the still life of vibrant fruits and vegetables at the dining table?

And while you’re on that clicking and snapping spree, an MG can make for a perfect companion:

1. Nature photography:

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Landscape photography is among the most prized forms of photography. And when it comes to landscape, the lens is never too far from turning to capturing the wonders of nature found in the richness of flora and fauna. But, this often requires you to venture into difficult ecosystems and be at one with the sounds of nature – one slight twitch and the kingfisher you’re looking for has flown away. MG cars do a great deal of good during such sojourns.

With their go-anywhere ability and, in the case of the ZS EV, silent operation, it’s never too hard to click what you’re pursuing. Furthermore, all MG cars – the HectorGloster, and ZS EV – come equipped with sunroofs, perfectly suited for taking photos without getting out and disturbing the surroundings.

2. Adventure and travel photography:

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Many places refuse to reveal their beauty easily. They make you work for it. Some of the most stunning photographs can only be captured off the beaten path, beyond rocks, rivers, and hills. To capture these, you need to go where others won’t easily tread.

The Gloster is the perfect comrade to discover these places. With its All-Terrain System, the Gloster can ferry you to places that are beyond the reach of other ordinary vehicles. No matter the terrain – snow, sand, rock, or mud – the Gloster will take you to a destination that feels almost purpose-built for a great shot.

3. Night sky photography:

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Some photographers prefer shooting in the dark. That might sound counter-intuitive, but sometimes, capturing the little bit of light available even on the darkest of nights makes for stunning photos. Night sky photography is an incredibly delicate art that requires extensive location scouting and truckloads of patience. To shoot the night sky, you need to get away from the city’s light pollution, set up equipment, and patiently wait for the lens to capture the magic. The MG HectorGloster, and ZS EV lend themselves well to this task. All three cars can take you well outside the impact zone of light pollution, and their generous boots can harbour the biggest of tripods and bulkiest of lenses.

4. Photography expeditions:

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Dedicated photographers undertake expeditions across states,  even countries, looking for a series of arresting photographs that capture a mood, a culture, or the zeitgeist of the times. The MG Hector and Gloster are ideal workhorses for such expeditions, with their adeptness at comfortable drives over the roughest of roads, voluminous fuel tanks, and capacious boot space. With the question of travel answered, you can focus on finding those perfect shots.

We believe in passion at MG Motor. We design our cars to support whatever zealous endeavours you undertake, to be your ideal companion no matter where you go and what you do.