Breaking glass ceilings: Women leading change at MG

The automobile sector has seen a paradigm shift for women in the industry over the last decade. Spearheading their way to the top, women leaders have taken up challenging roles within the sector and successfully proved their mettle. Creating new benchmarks for generations ahead, MG Motors celebrates this diversity, and is constantly paving the way for a more balanced workforce within their organization. With an aim to reach 50% gender diversity, the company has a 33% of women workforce across all business facilities.  

The success of any organization is directly related to a diverse and inclusive workspace. So it came as no surprise when MG manufactured their 50,000th Hector with an all-women’s team. From panel pressing sheet metal to painting and performing test runs, a set of talented women worked with equal competency to set an inspiring example of little girls and women across the world. 

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Whether it’s an all-female crew leading the longest flight or these talented women at MG Motors, women today are quashing gender-defined roles because they choose to be their own leaders. To celebrate the struggles, accomplishments, and pragmatic ability to undertake any challenge, this women’s day MG Motors spoke to the women within the organisation. Here are some excerpts from their journey so far: 

“Diversity & Inclusion is the essence of any successful business, and at MG it is visible as the driving force, an integral part of our working culture. When you work in a diverse team, the learning is also diverse!” – Neha Kayarkar, Manufacturing Engineering

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Gender is a mere aspect of a woman’s identity that does not confine them to predetermined roles, at work or home. At MG, this is held as a core value, and women are trained to hone their capabilities and become good leaders. 

“The differences among us don’t really divide us, they help us grow. There are ongoing efforts to encourage people from diverse backgrounds to be a part of the MG family.” – Rashmi Niwane, Supply Chain Management

“MG India is a trendsetter when it comes to providing equal opportunities to women. The leadership has left no stone unturned to provide women a conducive work environment to excel in their careers, and work with pride and dignity.” – Deepa Manral, CEM-PDC

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With more and more women taking the path of growth and optimism, their gender is playing less of a role towards deciding their place in the industry. Women have proved, time and again, that authentic work ethics and an innovative mind can win the most challenging battles of life. 

“MG, in its true meaning believes in diversity, and draws strength from the fact that the team here, with its unique camaraderie, acknowledges and values the differences in perspectives and experiences.” – Pallavi Thakral, CEM-Sales 

“At MGI, we never feel differentiated. Every day is a women’s day; our work is appreciated irrespective of the diversity we have around. Here, we believe one woman can make a difference but together we can rock the world!” – Garima Datta, Product Engineering

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These experiences fuel our present and future endeavours to make every day a celebration of Women’s Day. After all, with the sky as the limit, what purpose do glass ceilings serve?