What do you mean by FOTA?

FOTA stands for Firmware Over-The-Air. Owners of the MG Hector will be able to receive real time updates like new features, entertainment content and bug fixes to improve user experience from time to time without having to visit the dealership. 

What will be benefits of FOTA Update?

One of the biggest advantages of connected car mobility is the ease of updating software, feature enhancements through OTA without visiting a dealership. FOTA updates are robust, reliable and provide easy access to upgrades. 

What will be the duration of download and update?

The FOTA downloading & installation will take approximately 30 mins however as it is happening via internet so it will be depending on network strength, fluctuation, network load, file size etc.

What will be impact on other applications while doing a download?

You can use all application while DOWNLOADING however it will impact the downloading time and experience of other applications due to internet speed. For faster download we recommend not to use other applications. 

How will I know that software is updated?

Post completion of the update, the system will auto-generate a success message on the screen.

While software is getting updated, it is necessary that engine must be on?

It is required to keep the engine in start position while the update is in progress. 

Why auto download is not possible?

Auto-download can impact the experience of other applications which would be in use at that point. Hence, customers are given control to download the updates as per their convenience.  

What will be the steps to start the process?

Please follow these steps to install the updates:

Go to settings -> Upgrade -> Update

Will I get the notifications for software update.

The update will be rolled out to the customers in a phased manner . Customers will receive an SMS notification & E-mail once the new updates are available for their system .

What will happen if engine is stopped or update is interrupted?

In case the download is interrupted

If the engine is stopped while the download is in process, the user will have to resume the same by clicking on the “update” tab under settings.  In case the download is interrupted because of network issues, the system will resume download on its own.

In case installation is interrupted

Post the download, the updates cannot be interrupted manually by the user. Even if the Ignition is switched off, the updates will continue to run in the background.

What will happen if I will enter in a no network zone?

In a bad/ no network zone, the download process will pause and will resume automatically once there is proper network. The download progress will not be impacted and will resume from the last point of update.

During installation, network strength variation will not impact the installation progress.

What happens in case the software installation is stuck and does not auto resume?

This is a highly unlikely scenario as the software installation is thoroughly tested before it is released to the customer. However, in case if such a situation arises, The customer should contact/visit the nearest dealer.