4 Special Memories You Shared With Your Car

While the current situation has most of us stuck at home with very few places to go, the memories we made with our cars are hard to forget. From the excitement of figuring out the new buttons and functions on the dashboard to discovering new auto technology like voice commands and i-SMART, there are plenty of memories with your car that you will cherish forever.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and savour some of the best highlights of driving or owning your precious car. It’s the best you can hope to do until things open up and you can hit the road without any worry.

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That first drive

Whether you were behind the steering wheel or sitting in the back seat, the first drive in a new car is something you cannot forget easily. The thrill of the acceleration, running your hands on those brand new faux leather seats, testing out its turning capabilities, and carefully picking the perfect song to commemorate the occasion! And, of course, that new car smell makes the drive even more memorable. The best part of this thrill is that it something you experience whether it is a new or a pre-loved car.  

And when you have programs like MG Reassure, you can be certain of getting certified pre-loved MG cars that pass through stringent quality checks. So, every MG car gives you that thrilling, brand-new feeling.    

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Family Getaways To The Hills

Family trips always bring up a mix of emotions, as you remember the hectic packing, loading all the luggage into the car, and deciding if you have carried enough snacks for the road (spoiler: yes, there’s more than enough aloo-puri to last you a month!). The kids would be excited since everyone would be up before the sun, the adults would get ready for a long and relaxing drive, and when you finally hit the hills, the sheer beauty would light everyone’s eyes up with wonder. For many of us, these trips turned out to be some of the best family memories.

With 587 litres of boot space, the MG Hector 2021 has more than enough space for every family member (or friend) and luggage. It even has an optional MG Hector Roof Carrier to ensure every future road trip is more fun than ever before. 

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Late Night Ice-Cream Runs

We’ve all been there: it’s late, but you’ve got a craving for ice cream or something sweet. So, what would you do? Hop into your MG and take it to your favourite dessert place. Those quiet moments let you discover your city in a new, never-seen-before light. As you drove down streets without the usual traffic on a night-time adventure, there was something almost therapeutic about driving as half the world was asleep. Not to mention, it was the perfect time to roll down the windows and feel the wind in your face. Add to this your MG Hector’s panoramic sunroof, and you had the perfect little nook to enjoy a midnight snack under the stars.

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Romance And The Car

Whether it was picking up your date for the first time or taking your significant other out for an anniversary celebration, the drive was special because you shared it with that special someone. Some of those unforgettable moments didn’t even include a restaurant or venue, just a pleasant drive to a scenic location as the two of you chatted and made plans for the future. Whatever the moment or celebration, your car was always a vital and reliable enabler to the romance in your life.

And to make these moments smoother than ever, you now have the i-SMART infotainment technology integrated into your MG car. This means dependable navigation on your next date, a simple voice command to set the perfect tune, and the convenient “Find My Car’ feature, which ensures you never waste precious time searching for your car when it’s time to head home! 

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Whether protecting you from the sudden pouring rain, getting you home safely after a tiring day at work, or being a part of your child’s first drive, your car sticks with you and becomes an integral part of your life and memories.

So, don’t fret if you cannot get out and experience more of such moments right now. Bring out those old photos from family trips and reminisce about all the fun times you’ve had with your car. Let these memories give you hope that good days are ahead and that vacation or weekend trip is not too far away. So keep your plans ready, find new locations to unearth, and new memories to make when the time is right!