Indie Bands You Have To Watch Out For In India – MG Motor

India’s indie music scene is experiencing a renaissance, and these are the bands leading the way.

The Family Cheese

A progressive rock band with distinct South Indian influences, The Family Cheese outputs truly eclectic music. 

Prateek Kuhad

Singer and songwriter Prateek Kuhad has won many hearts with his unique brand of soft, intense music. 

Dhruv Visvanath

Another singer/songwriter, Dhruv Visvanath is best known for playing an acoustic guitar, overlaid with easy vocals.

Clown with a Frown

True to the first part of their name, Clown with a Frown produces funky, colourful, and energetic music.

Hari & Sukhmani

A folktronica duo, Hari and Sukhmani fuse traditional Punjabi folk and electronic music to create their unique sound.


Fiddlecraft is an indie-pop band whose music borrows from folk, pop, and rock and is inspired by cities from all over India.

The Tapi Project

A contemporary folk band, The Tapi Project combines folk, jazz, and poetry to create an ambient and inspiring sound.

When Chai Met Toast

​​​​An indie-folk band that sings in many tongues, When Chai Met Toast is as soothing and comforting as its name.

Indie artists are constantly expanding the definition of genres and MG Motor is supporting dissolving barriers creatively through MG Taal!