Planning to Become a content creator? Partner up with Your Car!

Working from home is not just a boon for those who hate traffic- but also for those who want extra time every day to indulge in their hobbies and creative passions. Content creation is one such hobby that can be readily turned into a profession, provided you know exactly what you want to put out.

Have an idea for your latest project? Here’s how your car can help you create mesmerising content to fill your social media feed with:

1. Travel Podcast 

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Listening to travel podcasts is the new way to travel, and if you are sitting on exciting travel tales of your own, why not share them with fellow travel enthusiasts? Now, you might be wondering about needing fancy gear to record a podcast, but all you need is a phone, earphones (with a microphone) and your CAR! The relatively small space and use of sound-absorbent materials make your car an ideal place to record vocals. Using your parked MG as your personal recording studio is a superb way to relive your travel adventures.  

2. Road Trip Diary

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On similar lines, an online road trip diary is something that can also pique the interest of a large audience of content consumers. Since most car owners usually love to go on road trips and are missing out on it due to the lockdown, reading a road trip diary can get them the much-needed armchair travelling experience. By letting you revisit cherished memories of your escapades, penning your on-road experiences can be a great outlet for your wanderlust personality. With the perfect amalgamation of supreme luxury and comfortable ambience, your MG is the perfect venue to awaken the writer in you. So, flip the pages of your journals and get ready to take everyone on an unforgettable ride.

3. Car Photography

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Until your lenses can capture picturesque locations, why not try your hand at professional car photography? Many automobile companies have recognised car photography as a profession, but as a passion, it is rather underrated. There are tons of videos that can help you get in the groove of photographing your car, and with time you’ll also discover creative tricks on your own. With stunning exteriors and an equally poignant interior space, your MG can be the backdrop of interestingly themed shoots. You could simply take macro shots of the eye-catching features of your MG or plan an elaborate shoot with props and pizzazz. Stringing together your shots in a photo essay can also be a great way to bring it all together. 

4. Car Music Critique

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Pride yourself on having impeccable taste in music? Share it with the world to revamp people’s playlists with new artists and genres. Having a perfect playlist for different drives and days can be your forte, and you can help others by curating all sorts of music experiences. Rainy day tunes or soft rock from the 60s – you can diversify your collections in myriad ways. You can go a step ahead and couple it with reviews and critiques of car music systems. Modifying your car with the latest state of the art music and stereo systems and posting online reviews about them can become an exciting passion for most car owners. Your car can essentially become your perfect partner when taking this route to content creation.

5. Car Servicing Hacks

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With the rise of DIY tutorials as a legitimate niche in content creation, car and motorcycle servicing tutorials are getting thousands of clicks and views on popular platforms. Although the servicing costs of MG cars are surprisingly low, some automobile enthusiasts enjoy doing things themselves. Making informative tutorial videos about techniques and hacks on servicing cars can be an effective genre of content creation for car owners. You can use your car to make some of the most exciting videos on car servicing tricks and carve your way into the content creation industry either as a hobby or a full-time profession.

Your Car as an Extension of Your Personality

Armed with these content creation ideas that focus on making your car a trusted partner in these endeavours, you can fulfil your long-lost creative passions while staying at home. Apart from these, you can also indulge in vlogging with and about your car to cater to avid car enthusiasts. Whether parked at home or out on the road, your MG makes such activities an absolute treat for the passionate soul.