5 Things we will do differently when travel becomes safe again – MG Motor

For over a year, the Covid-19 pandemic has played spoilsport to everyone’s travel plans. With lockdowns and travel restrictions rendering most places inaccessible, it has become evident that the world is currently witnessing a shift in travel trends. From longer trip durations to sustainable tourism, the “road to recovery” for the travel industry is expected to see a categorical change in the near future. So, here’s a quick look at how travelling is going to be seemingly altered as we start to venture outdoors. 

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Longer trip durations 

Let’s face it – if there has been one revelation that the pandemic has brought to us, it is the fact every moment truly counts. And most travellers will likely want to make every trip count, especially if these trips are few and far between. This could result in people spending more time at their destinations and living life to its fullest when given a chance. Additionally, with remote working becoming the norm for many industries all over the world, travellers will not only be able to take these kinds of longer holidays, but it will also make travel plans more flexible. 

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Pack different, pack heavy 

When hygiene and personal well-being are paramount, your packing patterns are bound to change as well. For starters, you might prefer to carry extra sets of clothes to reduce the chances of catching and spreading germs and bacteria. This would also include extra bottles of hand sanitisers, face masks, wet wipes and other items essential for personal hygiene in your backpack or travel bag. Travelling in the post-pandemic world would certainly require attention to detail and preparing for all kinds of situations to keep viruses at bay.  

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Staying close to home  

According to recent research among travellers and tourism companies, at least 70% have expressed a strong desire to travel in 2021 but mainly by remaining close to home. In other words, the spotlight is expected to shine on domestic destinations rather than far-flung international trips. In addition to this, short but more meaningful trips that allow you to explore the outdoors as you relax and enjoy a completely different scenery will be on the cards.  

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Travel with conscience 

Over the past year, the turn of events has implored many to rethink their priorities and ways of living. When you travel next, you will likely choose to minimise the impact your trip has on the planet. Plus, engaging with local communities will not only aid you in forming meaningful human connections along the way and instil faith and respect for the socio-cultural beauty that exists in the world today. This means eco-tourism and sustainable travel options are likely to see a rise in popularity. 

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Road trips over air travel 

With border closures and individual restrictions coming into play more than ever, the classic road trip is sure to make a comeback and how. With most air travel requiring a gamut of background work, like tests and travel passes, sliding into your MG and driving off into the sunset will be the preferred choice. And with your MG Gloster, there’s no reason you cannot head to any place you want. From ample space to accommodate the whole family to its seven driving modes, you can plan escapades to cities and mountains with ease. Not to mention features like ADAS to voice commands and more will make every drive a delightful one.

So, which of these travel trends do you think you’re going to be trying out this year when the travel bug bites?