What qualifies as a smart car? – MG Motor

Almost every aspect of our lives has become technologically enabled – from our communication to the way we work and even how we run our homes! So, it’s only natural that we would want our car to be no different. Navigation systems in cars have been around for a while, but a smart car from the 21st century offers more than just a hassle-free way to get from point A to point B.

But what exactly makes a smart car the future of travel?

State-of-the-art looks

The latest smart cars, like the MG ZS EV, are designed to give you the full premium experience – beginning with the very appearance of the car. Take, for example, the automatic headlamps that have been designed after the London Eye, and the tail lamps, after The Big Dipper. Further upping the car’s overall style is the alloy wheel design – unlike anything you’ve seen in the Indian market. And to top it all off, the panoramic glass sky roof, adds a touch of class while keeping the design fun and exciting.

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Clean – inside and out

As with the best things in life, there’s more to a smart car than what meets the eye. Some models tend to be equipped with features that make it futuristic to not just in appearance but in use as well. For instance, the MG ZS EV’s air conditioning can be turned on through an app, and it uses a PM 2.5 filter to ensure healthy Indoor Quality Air. And just as it keeps the air inside the car clean, it produces zero emissions, significantly bringing down your carbon footprint.


Believe it or not, your mobile phone is a gateway to a lot of the features the ZS offers. The proprietary app allows you to unlock the door, flash the lights, honk, and even shows you eco-friendly updates. Additionally, you can track the charging status of your car, its current battery level, along with the range remaining. Just like your phone, the MG ZS has a machine-to-machine 5G ready SIM card that allows it to get updates. It can even E-dial an emergency number if the airbags deploy, to make sure you get assistance as soon as possible.

Safety is paramount

Speaking of airbags, the MG ZS has six of them. This is accompanied by a three-point seatbelt for even middle passengers. And of course, since safety is paramount, features like the ABS, EBD, Brake Assist, ESP, Hill Start Assistance, and Hill Descent Control are all built-in as standard. One of the best features of smart cars – one that many drivers would appreciate – is heated mirrors that ensure you always have a clear view even in torrential rains.  

Music to your ears

The sound of whirring and clanking engines has become all too familiar to us. But smart cars, like the MG ZS EV, ensure a silent ride so that the only sounds you hear are the ones you want to hear. Whether that’s the music playing on the surround-sound system or your own thoughts.

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Much like the car, even the customer service offered by smart car manufacturers are a notch above the others. Take MG Motor, for example, which offers fast charging for free at all dealerships. In a mere 30 minutes, the ZS EV battery can be taken from 10 per cent to 80 per cent. Additionally, customers are also provided with a portable charger, and if all else fails, MG’s RSA is on 24×7 standby to help in the event of an emergency.


The MG ZS EV packs in all these features to make sure no matter what’s happening around you, your drive is smoother and smarter than ever before. You can find out more about MG’s innovations and witness how travel is changing for yourself.