#2YearsTogether: From resale value to better tech: 4 Reasons to upgrade your Hector – MG Motor

Since its launch, the MG Hector has been improving with every passing year to provide an enhanced driving and ownership experience. The Hector Plus 6- and 7-seater and Hector 2021 variants are embodiments of this process of continuous improvement. From the interiors and exteriors to technology features, each new model has upped its game. 

Of course, if you own the older Hector and love its performance, you might want to experience the newer model as well. So, if you are wondering whether or not you should upgrade your old Hector for one of the latest variants, here are some compelling reasons to do so.  

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1. Resale Value:

The biggest question for most owners would be, how much would they get if they sold their Hector? Well, on average, selling a car after about one year of usage would get you anywhere between 70%-80% of its original price. But MG offers its customers the option to upgrade to a new Hector variant at a much higher resale value.

In fact, on average, Hector owners – who decided to upgrade their SUVs within 12 months of the purchase – have enjoyed resale values of about 92%. For some, this number has gone as high as 96% when switching to a Hector 2021 model. 

Even if you opted for the 3-60 plan under MG Shield while purchasing your Hector, you are assured of a buyback value of at least 60% of the original value of your car after 3 years. This means, whether you decide to exchange your Hector after one year or three years, you can be certain of getting the best resale value for it in the market. 

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2. More Space:

Happy with your Hector, but still have a need or want more space? The Hector Plus models come in 6- and 7-seater configurations, making them ideal for larger groups. The 6-seater Hector Plus features plush captain seats that make for the ultimate passenger experience. Meanwhile, the 7-seater Hector Plus – with its middle-row bench seats – enables you to ferry more people (and pets) without compromising on comfort. But that’s not all that’s new.

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3. Feature-loaded:

The MG Hector 2021 is packed with new features, styling, and an upgraded i-SMART system. It gets front ventilated seats, champagne and black dual-tone interiors, wireless charging, and an auto-dimming IRVM.

On the styling front, the Hector 2021 features dual-tone exteriors, front and rear skid plates, dual-tone machined alloy wheels, and a chrome-accented front grille.

The i-SMART system in the Hector 2021 also gets a bevy of new features, such as Apple Watch connectivity, 35+ Hinglish voice commands, critical tyre pressure voice alert, engine start alarm, low battery at ignition alert, and more.

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4. A New Transmission Option:

The Hector 2021 is also available in another transmission option. Apart from the manual and dual-clutch options, the new variant offers Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). This CVT gearbox makes for a smoother driving experience that is ideal for city driving. It also gets Eco and Sport modes to suit different driving styles and priorities.

Hector owners might be torn between the love for their cars and the desire to upgrade. With the constant evolution at MG, you can always upgrade while staying in the same family!