#2YearsTogether: How the MG Hector has contributed to the fight against Covid-19

MG Motor’s debutant in India – the Hector – has been a runaway success for the British car marquee. Launched in June 2019, the SUV has now completed two years in the Indian auto market, riding high on consumer satisfaction and fantastic sales. The journey has also marked several milestones, from the launch of the 7-seater Hector Plus in 2020 to rolling out the 50,000th Hector in early 2021.

In the midst of all these accomplishments, the MG Hector has also left a favourable impression during India’s battle against Covid-19 by assisting frontline warriors. In several instances, MG came forward to support healthcare workers.

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100 Hectors for front line workers

Extending its support in the fight against Covid-19, MG Motors provided 100 Hectors to medical staff, doctors, police, and regional government officials. Along with the robust SUV, the brand provided drivers and fuel to aid the national cause. As the country intensified efforts to combat the virus, the 100 MG Hectors enabled safe travel for frontline workers. The cars were supplied through the automaker’s widespread dealership network following the ‘MG Disinfect and Deliver’ process. 

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MG Hector Ambulance

Witnessing the grave situation of Covid-19 patients, MG donated a custom-made Hector ambulance to a hospital located about 11 km away from the company’s Halol plant near Vadodara last year. Built in a record 10 days, it was developed with the help of Ahmedabad-based Natraj Motor Body Builders. 

Realizing the capabilities and the urgent need for this type of medical assistance, the brand donated five Hector ambulances to a hospital in Nagpur in early 2021, when the second wave of Covid-19 was sweeping the country. Additionally, at the request of Union Minister – Nitin Gadkari – MG ramped up production of Hector ambulances, later donating eight more such vehicles to service the cities of Vidarbha and Nagpur.

These spacious SUVs accommodate an imported auto-loading stretcher, an oxygen cylinder and a jump seat for the attendant. The Hector SUV-turned ambulance also includes a medicine cabinet with a monitor, fire extinguisher, internal lighting, medicine equipment, and more. It also ensures an uninterrupted supply of electricity through an inverter with a battery and sockets. 

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MG Hector Plus Mobile Testing Unit

Under its MG Sewa initiative, the British automaker also converted a Hector Plus into a mobile testing unit. It is being used as a Dhanvantri Rath for Covid-19 vaccination, RTPCR tests, and other mobile healthcare services in Gujarat. With the Hector Plus’ powerful engine and high ground clearance, this mobile testing unit enables healthcare professionals to visit remote areas that would have otherwise been difficult for regular ambulances to reach.

What makes MG Hector the preferred healthcare assistant?

Healthcare is a service sector where reliability plays a key role, and the vehicles preferred in this profession should be just as reliable. And that’s what the MG Hector brings to the table with its spacious interiors and a sturdy body. Powered by a 1.5-litre turbo-petrol engine, it can generate power of up to 143PS and 250Nm of peak torque, all of which have made it possible for the MG Hector to fight the pandemic on any front.  

A conscientious brand, MG has been at the forefront to help communities during this pandemic. From supplying essential items, such as PPE and health/ hygiene kits, gloves, surgical masks, and sanitizers, to increasing the supply of ventilators to distributing food and ration to those in need, MG has risen to meet every challenge during this crisis.

Through all these initiatives, it is clear that as a brand, MG is going the extra mile to drive change by putting not only its resources but its vehicles – like the MG Hector – to great use as well.