One Car, Many Hats: The MG Astor Ushers in the “Car-As-A-Platform” Concept

What do most people think of when they think of a car? Probably a machine, one that can take them from place to place. That was fairly accurate until now, until the launch of this best SUV in India: the MG Astor; things are about to change – drastically. 

Featuring an AI assistant powered by MG’s i-SMART Hub, the MG Astor SUV is about to redefine the very meaning of the word “car”. In a world where being connected trumps all other skills, the MG Astor takes connectivity between an automobile, the driver and the passengers to a level unheard of in the Indian automotive market. Through the i-SMART Hub, the AI assistant in the Astor can provide users access to a bouquet of services, partnerships, and subscriptions that can improve the experience of being in the car. By being able to do so much more than just move you, the MG Astor surpasses mobility to become a touchpoint for various other aspects of your life:

1. Reliance Jio:

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 ​The MG Astor SUV comes with an embedded SIM card from Reliance Jio for seamless connectivity across the country. As such, this MG Astor is always connected, giving you access to a whole host of other services and connected-car features such as on-demand media, navigation, live vehicle diagnostics, over-the-air software updates, etc. 

2. MapMyIndia:

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​This SUV’s navigation system is powered by MapMyIndia, an AI-powered mapping engine with an intelligent voice interaction system. With MapMyIndia’s up-to-date mapping and smart navigation, you can chart the route to any destination of your choice and find all relevant points of interest along the way, all with the power of your voice without ever having to take your hands off the steering wheel.

3. Park+:

With MG’s partnership with Park+, you can discover, book, and pay for parking spots in your vicinity from the comfort of your car even before you reach the parking spot. This Park+ functionality ensures you’re not stuck going round and round in circles looking for a rare, coveted parking spot. You will be guided to the nearest safe and secure parking spot, with the booking and payment process all handled digitally.

4. Koinearth:

This blockchain-protected digital passport for your MG Astor tracks your driving behaviour and vehicle history, providing a certified track record of your driving and ownership. A good, safe driver with a good track record can then use this data to earn a lower insurance premium or a higher resale value.

5. JioSaavn:

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The MG Astor comes bundled with a JioSaavn music subscription, which means that drivers and passengers have access to a library of millions of songs on demand. Simply tell your AI assistant what you’re in the mood to listen to, and it will cue up a playlist for you. You can even control track changing and volume levels with the power of your voice.

The above five features are just a taste of the infinite possibilities afforded by the concept of the car as a platform. MG will continue adding functionality to the Astor’s AI assistant, to the end that soon enough, you’ll be able to do pretty much anything from your exalted position in the driver’s seat.