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Back when the MG brand was only a youngling, the Hawker Hector was a common sight in the British skyline. This Royal Air Force biplane was named after the mythical Trojan War hero, Hector. Years later, MG paid its tribute to the Hector legacy with its luxurious mid-size SUV of the same name. With more than 25 safety features, the first internet car on Indian roads has since created a niche among the nation’s auto enthusiasts.

The MG brand legacy is dotted with remarkable milestones in the last hundred years. From the MG K3 Magnette becoming the first non-Italian racer to win the Mille Miglia in 1933 to setting the land-speed records with MG Ex 181 in 1957, MG was the speed king extraordinaire of its time. MG went on to shatter British export numbers with its popular roadsters MGA and MGB from the mid-50s to the late 70s. MG launched its first-ever MG SUV, the MG GS, in 2015. This indomitable legacy continues with the MG Hector.

However, as the proud owner of an MG Hector, the origin of its name, or the MG legacy, are not the only things you would be asked about. Here is a peep into some interesting questions and answers on the MG Hector that you may fare well to know.

What makes Hector a true internet car of today?

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Along with many aesthetic features in its look, the MG Hector displays a variety of high-utility attributes. i-SMART specifications such as AccuWeather, 5G machine-to-machine SIM card from Airtel, low battery alert, engine start alarm, i-call, voice assistant, and Geo-Fencing technology are among the 60 odd connected car features. The smartwatch control is another affirmation of its future-ready tag. The Apple Watch connectivity helps you control and change the temperature of your MG Hector.

Your control over Hector is not limited to the smartwatch feature alone. If you are bothered about how your driver is handling your car, MG Hector provides you with a full report on driver analytics as well. Another feature that makes Hector a savvy internet car is its over-the-air (OTA) updates.

How does MG Hector ensure variation?

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MG Hector is available in different variants across the Hector 2021, the Hector Plus 6-seater and 7-seater models. It has petrol, hybrid and diesel variants across a choice of automatic and manual transmissions. MG Hector’s price starts from around Rs 13 lakh and goes up to 19 lakh, varying marginally from city to city. With these many MG Hector variants to choose from, the more likely you are to find your ideal match.

Are too many automated features risky?

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The automated features in MG Hector 2021 are for the safety of the driver and the passengers. Many of these features are designed for driving safety, some for the safety of the standing car, while others are ‘great to have’ convenience features. Safe driving features are optional and non-intrusive for the driver and don’t get in the way of driving. 

What if these automatic features develop faults?

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The MG Hector is enabled with OTA updates, which removes any lag or redundancy in its automated features. Apart from the cloud-based tech upgrades, MG Hector can be driven into any  MG service centre that covers all major Indian cities and states. 

It is natural to have concerns about faults in automated features for someone who is transitioning from a manual car. But with MG Hector, one can look forward to thrilling, smoother and smarter road experiences with zero faults. 

How does MG Hector secure ownership safety?

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Your peace of mind is guaranteed with the MG Hector. Featuring prominently among i-SMART functions are a host of ways you can secure your MG Hector. You can remotely track the location of your MG Hector through the app-remote operation. The stolen vehicle tracking assistance comes in handy in case of car thefts. The Find My Car function provides you with a guided walking direction towards your MG Hector. You can operate the car’s AC, sunroof and door remotely, which add to MG Hector’s safety as well as convenience.

How good is it for a rugged drive?

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MG Hector 2021 has been designed and developed, keeping the Indian MG patrons in mind. Knowing the circumstances that the drivers in India face, Hector has evolved features such as a traction control system, hill hold control, and anti-roll bars on the front suspension to ensure the complete safety and comfort of its occupants. The ground clearance of 198mm is good enough for a rugged drive. Furthermore, speed warning alerts, thick door panels, rear sensors, rear defogger, ISOFIX anchors affirm the SUV’s commitment to safety.

Hector ended the last financial year on a high, recording its highest annual sale that closed in March with the highest monthly sale. Demand for MG Hector continues to soar, with well over 50,000 units sold. Choosing an MG Hector 2021 is a statement in itself. And with answers to these questions, you can further reiterate your choice.