6 Things people always ask from an MG Gloster owner

The premium MPV MG Gloster is a technologically advanced and feature-rich vehicle. The flagship car of MG has had an excellent run since its launch in India in October 2020. Seeing you drive this marvel of technology, the not-so-techie individuals often wonder how difficult it would be to drive this AI-assisted Gloster. You are likely to hear or must have already heard them curiously enquiring. Here is how a typical conversation between a Gloster owner and their non-techie friend goes.

Isn’t the Gloster too complicated to drive?

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No, you don’t need to be a tech expert to handle a Gloster. In fact, a multitude of features exists to make things simpler for you. Come on, try your hand at my MG.

Gloster is almost 5 meters long. You must be too scared to parallel park yourself, aren’t you?

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You might never know the answer to that, but hey, my car can park better than you on any given day. The Automatic Parking Assist (APA) is the feature behind the ease of parking in a Gloster. It makes my steering completely hands free and gives me the liberty to park it either parallelly or vertically. Plus, there is a 360 degree around view camera as well, which helps in easy manoeuvring in city traffic without worrying about blind spots. I think that should have parked your question as well, right?

But why do you need an off-roader when you live in the city?

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You never know when the mountains call, and it’s good to be prepared, right? Moreover, the season of monsoon and a ride on our regular roads isn’t short of off-roading. You’ve got to agree with me on that. Plus, I do not have to look for off-road vehicles as my Gloster is capable enough to take me on a weekend getaway to the countryside. There you have the answer. 

These fancy ADAS features don’t really suit Indian roads and driving habits.

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The ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance System) is not a substitute for driver vigilance; it assists the driver, thus offering a comfortable and safe drive. Consider it as a co-pilot. It’s always good to have an assistant help you control your car, isn’t it? If I got glued to a scene outside my window, the life of my occupants would be at risk. The ADAS applies automatic emergency brakes and even alerts me with a forward collision warning if there’s any danger ahead of me.

I am sure it would be difficult to take this mammoth vehicle on hills.

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It isn’t difficult because my Gloster comes with an Automatic Vehicle Hold (AVH) which holds the vehicle on inclines and reduces stress on my foot. Besides, the Roll Movement Intervention, Hill Hold Control and Hill Descent Control make it a safe car to go up the hill. 

No matter how technologically advanced it is, it cannot match the mechanical car of yesteryears where everything is in your control. Your safety relies on AI.

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That’s just a myth. Let me show you how technology is closely related to your safety. For example, the driver fatigue reminder system in my Gloster analyses your driving style based on your feet and hand movement. It also takes into account any lane deviations (checks Lane Assist). Clubbing all these elements, it adjudges whether you’re losing concentration and need a break. It alerts the driver by displaying a visual message, warning alert and steering-wheel vibration. Now, tell me whether a regular car can go to that level in assisting?

You are bound to be bugged by such questions when you have a class-leading MG Gloster in your garage. Take pride, drive cautiously.