#2YearsTogether: A tale of several success stories and counting

When MG Motor debuted in the contemporary Indian automotive market back in 2019, it did so with a bang. It launched the MG Hector – India’s first Internet car, a rather unfamiliar term at the time. Two years later, not only has the term ‘internet car’ caught on, but the Hector is doing spectacularly well with the Indian audience. In fact, there are several milestones that this fantastic SUV has achieved since its India launch. 

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The Internet Car

The MG Hector‘s industry-first features signal a paradigm shift in the Indian auto landscape. As a connected car, this premium SUV marries hardware, software, applications, and services to deliver a seamless, safer, and easier vehicle ownership experience. Its i-SMART system and always-on connectivity give users critical alerts like low battery and incorrect tyre pressure in real-time. Additionally, a smartphone app is all that’s needed to know the car’s status, driving statistics, and vehicle location. The car can even receive software updates over-the-air, instead of driving to a service station for the same.  

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Worth Waiting For

Within two months of its launch, bookings for the Hector hit a whopping 28,000 units. The overwhelming response resulted in a waiting period of about six months. To ensure timely and orderly deliveries to soon-to-be Hector owners, the brand halted further bookings. And in return for their patience, MG launched the Worth Waiting For (WWF) programme to incentivise those eagerly waiting for the keys to their new ride. Through this program, MG Hector owners were rewarded 1000 points for each week that they had to wait for the delivery of their car. These points could be redeemed for genuine MG car accessories or maintenance packages. MG also partnered with IIMPACT NGO to provide education to one girl child for every two-week waiting period, making the WWF programme even more noteworthy.

The result – MG educated more than 27,000 girls through this programme!

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Stories of MG: 

To spread the joy and journeys that MG owners experience with their vehicles, the brand also launched the ‘Stories of MG‘ initiative. These stories explore the many ways in which MG owners feel inspired and alive with the constant companionship of their vehicles. All these interesting stories can be found on MG’s social accounts, like Instagram.    

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Experience drives

With the popularity of the Hector soaring and thousands of proud owners on the road, MG brought another bit of its history to the Indian audience – the MG Car Club India (MGCC-I). As a brand that promotes community and experiences, this was the beginning of a whole new way to bring together MG enthusiasts. In fact, even before the brand could launch the Hector in India, MGCC-I organised several experience drives across the country between February and December 2019 to engage and entertain its community members. Run by members for members, the MCGG-I continually expands and extends that MG family feeling to as many people as possible. 

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An ally to frontline workers

As a socially responsible brand, MG Motor has endeavoured to provide whatever assistance it can to communities and authorities around its plant and corporate offices during the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, MG Hector joined the frontline worker force to help make a difference. During the first wave, a fleet of one hundred MG Hector SUVs ferried doctors, medical staff, local government officials, and police officers in communities around its plant as they worked hard to battle the virus. In addition, a fleet of another hundred Hectors was turned into ambulances to ensure uninterrupted mobility for patients. Another Hector was converted into a mobile testing unit and donated to local authorities in Halol – the location of MG’s plant.

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One milestone; Two Hector facelifts 

The MG Hector’s resounding success lead to two major facelifts earlier this year – the Hector Plus 7-seater and the Hector 2021. While it sports most of the features of the original variant, what sets the 7-seater apart is its middle-row bench seat. This ability to comfortably accommodate more people makes the Hector Plus the perfect family car.

To take the driving and ownership level up several notches, MG also launched the Hector 2021, which features several cosmetic upgrades and updated functionality features, like 30+ Hinglish voice commands, powered tailgate, 360-view camera, and much more.

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The 50,000th all-women team

In February 2021, MG rolled out its 50,000th Hector. What made this milestone SUV even more special was the fact that it was manufactured, start to end, by an all-women crew, as a nod to MG’s long-held belief in workplace diversity. With 50,000 units sold in less than two years, the Hector is an undeniable success. In these two years, the Hector family has grown to include two more versions – the Hector Plus in 6 and 7-seater configurations – and so has its fanbase. 

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Two Years and Counting

MG Motor took a chance on the Indian audience by introducing the next generation of cars; cars that could always be connected to their owners and the world. Two years on, this bet has paid off. The connected car concept is catching on, and MG Hector leads the charge for others to follow its path.