MG Astor: A Steering Mode For Different Driving Conditions

Out in the real world, driving conditions are dynamic and can vary dramatically. One day, you’re zipping through traffic, the next you are carving up a mountain road, and on the one after that, you are cruising along a highway. Dynamic driving conditions call for a dynamic car, and with the Astor, MG Motor plans on giving Indian drivers just that. The MG Astor, India’s first intelligent, AI-powered SUV, is highly adaptable; to the extent that its steering settings can be adjusted to suit the driving conditions on hand. The MG Astor features three steering modes – urban, dynamic, and normal – each suited to specific conditions and driving styles:

1. Urban:

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When driving in the city, it helps to have light, nimble, highly responsive steering. You need to navigate small lanes, tightly packed traffic, pedestrians, two-wheelers, and whatnot in the city. You need to make constant, small adjustments to the steering, often with very quick response times. As such, lighter steering reduces driving fatigue and reaction times, making for easy urban driving. In “Urban” mode, the MG Astor’s steering is lightened, thus reducing fatigue for the driver while making it easier for them to respond to road conditions quickly. Lighter steering also makes for more comfortable three-point turns and parallel parking manoeuvres.

2. Dynamic:

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This is the fun one! The “Dynamic” steering mode needs to be deployed when performance driving is in play. In this mode, the Astor’s steering is weighted up, made heavier so that the driver can provide smoother inputs, hold a steering angle firmly while carving a corner, and generally feel planted and stable. Lighter steering will make the car jittery when driving up a mountain road or simply driving around corners at speed. In such situations, a heavier steering wheel gives the driver better control over the car’s handling characteristics and improves vehicle stability.

3. Normal:

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The “Normal” steering mode in the Astor sits between “Urban” and “Dynamic”. It weighs the steering up from “Urban” but not as much as in “Dynamic”. This steering mode is suited for highway driving, where you will be driving at speed but not necessarily around tight corners or sweeping bends. The “Normal” steering mode borrows the best from both other modes: it’s light enough to allow for quick manoeuvres and fast response times but still heavy enough to allow the car to feel stable and planted at high speeds.

Apart from the steering modes, the MG Astor will feature several segment-first advancements such as an AI assistant and level 2 autonomous driving technology, lots of standard safety features, and much in the way of creature comforts. With a veritable combination of technology, safety, comfort, and performance, the MG Astor is poised to take the mid-size SUV market by storm.