6 Features That Make for Luxe Car Interiors – MG Motor

Ask anyone why they like cars, and looks will be the first thing they quote. Sleek design, chrome finish, and the best of latest tech are defining features of a modern car. And complementing these features is the unmatched luxury that decks up every inch of the cabin space. With lavish features and fine details, a luxurious cabin makes every drive an indulgent experience. 

There are many ways that carmakers luxe up a car’s cabin; after all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts: 

1. Plush Seating with Leather Upholstery

Seats not only take up the most space in a car’s cabin but also account for first (and lasting) impressions. Comfortable seats can mean the difference between a good and bad in-car experience. And nothing screams of opulence than the autumn tones of plush leather seats. Every nook of MG Gloster is doused with personalised luxury, and its vegan leather upholstery with a diamond quilt pattern is a testament to that. A dual-tone colour scheme adds to the deluxe appeal of this modern marvel that boats of exquisite craftsmanship and selfless appeal.

2. Deluxe looking dashboards

dding wood and/or leather trim on the dashboard and door panels is a premium touch adopted by many luxury carmakers to provide passengers with a more organic environment experience. The upper half of the Gloster’s dashboard also features a tan leather finish complemented with a brushed aluminium trim, surrounded by soft-touch plastics. Easy to clean and pleasant on the eyes – an excellent combination for any car owner. ​

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3. Power Adjustable, Reclining Seats

Plush leather seating is great, but it still offers much room for upgrading. Luxury seats are power-adjustable, offer lumbar support, and fully recline, allowing the passengers absolute freedom to pick a comfortable seating position. To really up the luxe quotient, seats can also be fitted with massage functions. The Gloster comes with sumptuous leather seats that are up to 12-way power-adjustable and fully reclining, making it just the thing you need to unwind after a long day.

4. Heated and Cooled Seats

The coup de grace when it comes to seats is adding a heating/ventilation feature to them. Heated/ventilated seats take seat comfort to a whole new level. Heated seats keep you warm and toasty when stepping into the car from cold environments, whereas ventilated seats keep your back and legs cool and dry on sultry days. The driver’s seat perfectly recreates a spa feel with back massagers and ventilation features. With the seat heating option, both the driver and the co-driver can cherish a balmy experience, even when it’s chilly outside. 

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5. Climate Control

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A good climate control system is much more than just air-conditioning and heat. It divides the car into multiple zones so that different passengers can enjoy micro-climates that suit them. The Gloster’s climate control offers three distinct zones within the car, which are fitted with a PM 2.5 filter so that all occupants of the cabin can breathe pure air. You can monitor the temperature using the MG i-SMART app to ensure that the comfort of the driver and passengers is never compromised.

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6. Ambient Lighting

Sometimes, luxury is tangible things like plush materials and the latest gadgetry; other times it’s a vibe. To craft a truly luxurious cabin, the carmaker needs to understand and incorporate this philosophy. Ambient lighting helps create this vibe, with an option to change colours to reflect the mood of the driver and passengers. As a general rule of thumb, the more the number of colours, the better. Gloster offers ambient lighting on the menu with 64 colours on the boot. Leaving you spoilt for choice, that’s exactly what Gloster aims for. 

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The Gloster doesn’t stop there, of course. It is outfitted with an assortment of other gadgetry (wireless charging, auto park, panoramic sunroof, etc.) and connected features (voice recognition, app-based control, remote vehicle updates, etc.), many of which are segment firsts. That takes its luxury quotient to a whole different level. It’s no surprise then that it was crowned Autocar India’s Premium SUV of the Year 2021.

Promising the comfort you deserve, every inch of the Gloster embodies paradise on wheels!