Valentine’s Day celebrations that suit your couple style

Come February, and the world becomes Cupid’s playground. Chocolates, flowers and candlelight dinners bring fond memories of celebrating Valentine’s Day from the past. But, anyone who has ever planned a V-Day surprise will be familiar with another side of this holiday – the pressure to come up with something unique to execute the perfect day. While there are tons of date night ideas floating across the web, very few might be tailor-made for your one-of-a-kind love story. Every couple is different from the other, and whatever your couple persona, there are ways to make the sparks fly just the way you like. 

Here are a few ideas to create an extra-special Valentine’s Day that perfectly captures your couple personality. 

1. The Adventurous Couple

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If you are a couple who loves the great outdoors and craves adventure, an adrenaline-packed Valentine’s Day is perhaps an excellent way to recharge your romance. Love will literally be in the air when you take a helicopter ride with your partner or plan a bungee jumping date to get both your hearts racing. If you prefer something less daredevil-like, book a night trek, go desert-camping or plan a cave-exploration trip. No matter the destination, or the adventure, you can travel in style in your MG Hector 2021. Not only will you be able to comfortably fit your gear in the ample boot space it offers, but features like its auto headlamps, cruise control and auto tailgate opening will add more convenience to your entire trip.   

2. The Workaholic Couple

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What better day than Valentine’s to strike a work-life balance with a partner that shares and understands your passion for work. Don’t worry if your thinking gears come without an off button. You can use your productivity drive by challenging yourselves with the immersive experience of an escape room. Locked in a room with nothing but a few clues and your better half will transport you to 221B Baker Street and be a mystic treat that you’ll both enjoy. 

However, if you’re looking forward to this day to get as far away from your laptops, you can catch a breath with a wine and paint session or a fun-filled karaoke night. For something more relaxing, book a couple’s massage to put you and your significant other in a good mood. 

3. The Foodie Couple 

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If you and your partner first bonded over a shared plate of chat or ensure date nights as just as much about trying new foods and cuisines as it is about your relationship, skip those done-and-dusted dinner plans for something more thoughtful, such as a delicious breakfast in bed. Better still, you can make a picnic out of it and surprise them by whipping up their favourite snacks, packing it all up and driving to a scenic location. To keep things pandemic safe, you can even convert your car into a cutesy picnic spot. With the new MG Hector 2021, this will be pretty easy as this seven-seat variant comes with all the extra space to lay down blankets for a romantic day out. As you colour your world with love, your MG Hector 2021 can help set the mood with its eight-colour ambient lighting feature.

4. The Wanderlust Couple 

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Whether it is a weekend getaway or a trip to far-flung places, you and your significant other never let a travel opportunity pass by, and it is only befitting you celebrate both these great loves together. Explore your mutual desire to visit bucket list destinations by heading to Varkala, Tosh or Ooty. If the two of you are eager to discover a new side of travel, consider exploring interesting destinations like these eco-tourist spots for a rich cultural experience.

While a lot goes into making a perfect road trip, it all comes down to making it as safe and enjoyable as possible. Your MG Hector 2021 makes an ideal companion for indulging your love for travel. More than 25 safety features such as thick door panels and roll-formed tubular steel door beams go into making this safe car even more dependable. Made using high-strength steel, your MG Hector 2021 is as tough as it looks, and its Front Parking Sensors, Hill Hold Control, and Auto-dimming inside rear-view mirrors mean you can be safe while discovering new places. 

5. The new-parents Couple

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Parenthood is one of the most special feelings to experience, and sharing it with the love of your life only makes it better. If you are new parents, chances are you will want to spend Valentine’s Day with both your loves – your partner and your child. A trip to a drive-in movie theatre (which can make life feel almost normal for new parents) could be perfect for enjoying a fun-filled outing with your little ones. 

Sturdy and easily adjustable ISOFIX anchors in MG Hector 2021 make it convenient to install a child seat for your munchkin, giving new parents a few hands-free moments. Its spacious cabin and abundant boot space mean you can fit your family and their stuff for a comfortable and enjoyable movie night. More importantly, you can be sure that you and your loved ones are safe in the confines of your MG car.  While things might look different this year, there are still many ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day with your significant other. Spacious cabin, ambient lighting and tons of revamped features make MG Hector 2021 the perfect wingman for this love-filled holiday. And now, you can also talk to your car just like you would with a friend – “FM chalao” and “AC on kar do” – the MG Hector 2021 recognises over 35 Hinglish voice commands to help make your drives a seamless experience each time you get behind the wheel.