Things to do if your car breaks down in the middle of the road

Of the 10 things most dreaded during car trips, a breakdown in the middle of the road is among the top three. So cars may be a great convenience, but they can also leave you stranded on the road if not maintained. Although you cannot always predict breakdowns, you can minimise their possibility by ensuring regular car checkups and scheduled car services. Apart from being stuck midway, it can get extremely dangerous if your car has stopped just after a turn on a highway or the road with no service lane. So, let us delve into more details about the things to do when facing mid-road vehicle breakdowns. 

Pull over to the side 

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Whenever your car gets stuck, find a safe spot to park your vehicle before dialling the helpline numbers. If you are in the middle of a highway, where cars are moving at high speeds, finding a safe area to get off the road is important. While you pull over to the left side of the road, ensure there isn’t any vehicle coming from behind when you do so. Avoid parking on curves and bends. 

Call for roadside assistance 

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As soon as you park your car in a safe spot, you need to call the Roadside Assistance (RSA) team of your car manufacturer or service provider of your auto insurance policy (of course, if you have opted for RSA). Their team will assist you and get you going. They can either repair the vehicle right at the spot if the repair is minor or tow it to their nearest service station for any major repair work. 

For instance, the MG Shield service for MG owners entails many benefits including, five years/unlimited km roadside assistance. If your MG gets stuck anywhere, you can connect with their 24×7 Pulse Hub assistance cell and get a solution. The services where they can help you include lost key assistance, fuel assistance, on spot repair by trained technicians, medical assistance, towing assistance, mobility assurance with alternate vehicle support, battery jump-start, etc. 

Stay inside if possible 

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You should stay inside the car if you are unable to pull it to a safe spot. As traffic around is travelling at high speed, staying inside the vehicle and indicating signs that it has broken down is the best thing to do. Coming out of your vehicle on a speedway is next to a suicidal attempt. Avoid it. Instead, wait for the help to reach you.  

Be seen

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In a car breakdown, the first step is to get off the road, while the next is to turn on the warning lights and reflective signs if it is night. You can roll down windows, hang a paper or cloth and roll it up to let others know that your vehicle has broken down. Even when you have parked the car in a safe spot, put a reflective warning triangle at about 10-12 feet behind your vehicle with the reflecting side facing the oncoming traffic. Use the door not facing the traffic to get out of the vehicle.  


Staying calm in this whole episode will steer you to safety. Panicking and harrowing is common when you get stuck in the middle of the road. But, no need to worry; help will reach you shortly. You need to be patient and vigilant.