Things MG ZS EV Owners are Tired of Hearing

If you are an MG ZS EV owner, your car is bound to become a topic of conversation all the time. People are always interested in your vehicle; how it performs, the troubles it might pose, its capability, etc. Oddly enough, they might harbour range anxiety on your behalf. 

Here are some questions you might frequently hear. 

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1. Aren’t you worried your car would run out of charge in the middle of the road?

People, generally speaking, have still not dispelled the idea of electric vehicles running out of charge and leaving their occupants stranded. However, the reality is far from this archaic image. Modern EVs feature large, dense battery packs that hold enough power to allow the EV to travel hundreds of kilometres on a single charge. The MG ZS EV, for instance, features a 44.5 kWh battery that packs a high amount of power in a relatively compact form. The battery’s substantial stored power is deployed efficiently by a hi-tech battery management system that ensures smooth, sustainable discharge. Together, these allow the MG ZS EV to travel as far as 419 km on a single charge. With that kind of a range, you can be confident that the MG ZS EV will not run out of charge in the middle of the road.

To do away with range anxiety entirely, the MG ZS EV also features an Eco driving mode that maximises its range. And if you are running low on juice, you can always charge the car with its portable charger or find the closest MG dealership to plug into a superfast charger that can bring you up to 80% charge in as little as 50 minutes.

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2. Does your EV really save the environment?

EV drivers are often thrown this question, and to answer it in the simplest terms, yes, it does. Studies conducted worldwide have shown that EVs emit lesser CO2 and other pollutants than vehicles with internal combustion engines. To begin with, EVs do not make any direct emissions, such as exhaust gases from tailpipes and fuel evaporated from the vehicle’s fuel system and while refuelling. Vehicles with internal combustion engines are also responsible for well-to-wheel emissions that are by-products of the production, processing, distribution, and use of fuel and other petroleum derivatives like engine oil.

According to studies by a European clean transport campaign group, an EV emits 22% less CO2 than a diesel-powered vehicle and 28% less CO2 compared to a petrol-powered vehicle in the worst-case scenario (that is, if the electricity used is generated by burning coal). In the best-case scenario, it produces 80% and 81% fewer CO2 emissions when compared to diesel- and petrol-powered vehicles, respectively.

If you are an MG ZS EV owner, you can use the i-Smart app to track your CO2 savings and compare them with other MG ZS EV owners around the country.

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3. Isn’t it expensive to run and maintain an EV?

It may be surprising to learn that EVs are more efficient than cars with internal combustion engines. EVs convert as much as 80% of the electricity they consume to power at the wheel. In contrast, internal combustion-engined vehicles convert only 12-30% of the energy stored in fuel to turning power. Moreover, EVs have fewer moving parts, which means they require less maintenance and parts replacement. As such, EVs offer lower running and ownership costs. In the case of the MG ZS EV, running costs can be as low as Rs 1 per km, far lower than even the most efficient traditional cars.

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4. Are EVs even feasible for everyday use?

As an MG ZS EV owner, you probably get asked this question a lot. This is probably because, for the longest time, many people have thought of EVs as a fad. However, take into consideration that about 167,041 people bought EVs in India in 2019-20. This is no small number. As charging infrastructure improves and awareness about these vehicles spreads, their adoption is expected to increase. As clean, exciting, safe, and convenient vehicles, EVs are the future of transportation and personal mobility. 

We hope to have covered the most annoying questions that come your way. But let’s admit it, these questions arise from a lack of awareness and interest in EVs. Nonetheless, as the proud owner of an MG ZS EV, it’s your responsibility to dispel the myths about your car and protect its image.