The Rookie’s Guide To Eco-Tourism – MG Motor

The idea of travelling to new, exotic destinations has caught the fancy of millions of people. While these experiences can mould our personalities and minds, they often end up taking a large toll on our environment. That, however, does not mean you should stop or avoid travelling. It simply means you should be more mindful of how you do so.

In recent times, eco-tourism and sustainable travel are concepts that people across the world have increasingly started to adopt. The steps mentioned below are relatively simple to follow and can help prolong our world and the wonders it holds.

Say No To Single-Use Plastics

By now, you’ve probably seen and heard this multiple times, and that’s because single-use plastics can have long-lasting and damaging effects on the environment. Instead, opt for reusable steel bottles, cloth bags or other alternatives that can last you a long time, decrease your expenses and reduce any negative impacts of your trip.

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Eat Locally Produced Food

Most tourist attractions are home to popular global food chains. But be warned, eating at these places will increase your carbon footprint immensely due to fancy packaging and sourcing of ingredients from far-off places. Instead, try the regional cuisine prepared by locals. This offers a more authentic travel experience and allows you to support the area’s economy.

Opt For Electric Power

If you’re super conscious about the emissions you cause when taking a road trip through pristine, serene places, let electric fuel power your travels. Electric vehicles like the MG ZS EV can drastically cut down your emissions to zero while saving you a ton of fuel money. More importantly, it can accommodate your whole family, so you can share the experience with all your loved ones! 

Embrace Homestays

While large hotel chains are a luxurious option while away from home, they can have a tremendous impact on the environment. The amount of resources used to run such establishments can last the locals much longer. Why not try a homestay on your next trip? It provides a better feel of the place, is more economical and you can even get local-approved tips that you wouldn’t find otherwise to make your travels more wholesome.

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Plan Your Purchases 

Buying souvenirs for friends and families is a ritual most people practice. But these are often just trinkets you will forget over time. Instead of mass-produced cliche gifts, look for local crafts that are more meaningful and useful. Even local foods make for a great gift as they offer an authentic taste of the place. It also helps provide a source of income for the natives.

Pick Up After Yourself

Just like you wouldn’t leave a mess in your home after having a party, it’s important that you clean up any mess you make on a trip. Or better yet, avoid it entirely. Too often tourist destinations are left worse for wear at the end of a holiday season, slowly deteriorating the beauty of the destination. 

We still have a long way to go when it comes to sustainability. However, it never hurts to learn simple tips that you can include in your lifestyle for more conscious living. 

Adopting these practices is the best way to #ChangeWhatYouCan and still enjoy new experiences.