Is there a way you can track your car’s battery levels?

Is there a way you can track your car’s battery levels?

If you can’t, have you imagined what you would do if it were to die suddenly and leave you stranded? 

Here are the basic tools you require to jump-start your car: 

  1. Jumper cables

Thickly insulated, long cables with negative and positive polarity with alligator clips at their ends. The red clip is positive while the black one is negative 

  1. Power source

A portable jump battery or another vehicle with the same voltage as yours

Let’s jump-start your car:

1. Park 

Line up both the cars for easy access to their batteries. Do not touch the cars with each other. Keep the engines off

2. Prep 

Unwound the jumper cables and open the bonnets

3. Attach the positive and negative terminals 

  • Connect the red (+ve) clips to the positive terminals of both batteries
  • Attach the black (–ve) clip to the working battery’s negative terminal
  • Connect the other end of the black cable to the unpainted metal of the car
  • It should be away from the fuel system and dead battery

4. Turn on the ignition 

Start the working car and keep it on for a minute. Then, start the dead car 

5. Remove 

Remove the cables in the reverse order with black first followed by red

6. Keep the engine on

Keep the engine turned on for the next few minutes

The MG Hector sends the low battery alert to your smartphone through the i-SMART app

And, since you know when it is running low, you can connect with the MG service centre to get it recharged