Authorised Service Centres vs Local Mechanics: Which Should You Opt For? – MG Motor

This is an age-old debate. The adventurous announce that local mechanics are the way to go – they are often cheaper and have a tendency to reuse, recycle, and reduce. The pragmatists disagree: authorised service centres are safer, more reliable, and better equipped. At the risk of taking a stance, we have to side with the pragmatists, and here’s why:

1. Professional care:

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Authorised service centres employ technicians and customer service executives that are thoroughly trained and asked to follow standard operating procedures. This lends the entire operation a degree of professionalism that you are unlikely to find in a local garage. Authorised service centres are process-driven, and as such, are better equipped to meet timelines and handle service jobs methodically. They also tend to have professional customer care executives who can help customers with a range of issues.

2. Technological prowess:

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Authorised service centres are equipped with the latest servicing technology. They have a greater capacity for capital investment, which is often made in the form of machines and systems that can handle maintenance and repair jobs with greater accuracy and better results. Authorised service centres also invest in training technicians to use these machines properly. As a result, you can be assured of a higher quality of service with little or no margin of error. Technologically advanced diagnostic machines, also available at authorised service centres, are far better at identifying issues with the car than thumb-of-rule methods used by local mechanics.

3. Genuine parts:

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One of the greatest advantages of opting for authorised service centres is that they exclusively use genuine spare parts. By using genuine, manufacturer-approved parts only, authorised service centres can assure customers of quality and reliability. Local garages often use spares and parts not approved by the vehicle manufacturer. Such parts can, at best, result in small malfunctions, and at worst, compromise the safety of the vehicle. On the other hand, genuine parts are designed to exact standards and work seamlessly with your vehicle.

4. Transparent pricing:

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Authorised service centres have published price lists where the costs of all services, labour jobs, and parts are clearly, unambiguously listed. With local garages, anecdotes of people being presented with whopping, eye-popping service bills abound. At an authorised service centre, you know exactly what you are paying for. Customer service executives will run you through the diagnosed issues, proposed solutions, and their costs. As a customer, you are presented with all the relevant information to make a sound decision.

5. Resale advantage:

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Authorised service stations issue service journals to certify that your car has been serviced on what date and kilometres and describe the nature of work performed. Services at regular intervals so noted can offer you an advantage when you decide to sell your car in the used car market. Cars that are frequently serviced (so proved using the service journal) can assure buyers that wear-and-tear has been addressed while informing them about which parts were changed and when.

Customers sometimes opt for local mechanics because of the convenience and ease of access. To provide accessibility to authorised service centres and all the benefits that accompany using them, MG Motor has built a wide service network all over India. In addition, we offer an industry-first 5-year comprehensive warranty, 24/7 roadside assistance, free services, and an assured buyback program under the MG Shield plan. With an MG, you never need to worry about service.