5 Driving habits that can help prolong your car’s life

When you have a car, it becomes your faithful companion wherever you go. It not only takes you places but gives you countless memories to cherish. Whether it is climbing hills, braving potholes, or wading through waterlogged streets, your car does it all with nary a complaint. And for your car to soldier on through thick and thin, it deserves to be handled carefully on each drive. No matter your car’s age, certain driving habits can help extend its lifespan and keep it in top shape for years. 

1. Stick to speed limits

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Admittedly, this one’s a no-brainer; following the speed limit has bountiful benefits for your car’s health, apart from keeping fines at bay. Speeding is one of the easiest ways to impose wear-and-tear on your engine and transmission, especially if it involves constant upshifting and downshifting. Additionally, going unnecessarily fast is a sure-fire way to guzzle fuel. Following speed limits and avoiding frequent fluctuations in speed can go a long way in reducing the strain on your engine.

Tip: Your MG Hector includes a Cruise Control feature that can make driving relaxed and unfussy, especially on open highways. Set it at about 10kph below the speed limit to ease driving and reduce the strain on your car. 

2. Keep your speed steady

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Frequent cycles of acceleration and deceleration make your car work harder. Your engine, transmission, brakes, and tyres all undergo stronger forces and suffer from higher fatigue levels under unpredictable driving conditions. It might help to modify your driving habits to increase speed steadily and slowly, as opposed to slamming the accelerator, and to brake gradually and progressively instead of hitting the brake pedal ever so often.

If you own an MG, the i-Smart system can offer plenty of driving analytics to help you understand and alter your driving style. Driving defensively is the name of the game here; anticipating road conditions and preparing for them can help reduce wear on your vehicle while keeping you safe on the road. 

3. Avoid overloading your car

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Heavier loads put more stress on the engine and drivetrain, forcing them to work harder. It also overworks your car’s tyres and compromises the stability of your vehicle. It is recommended to consult your owner’s manual to know your car’s load carrying and towing capacity and try respecting it. 

4. Maintenance is key

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While this is obvious, it cannot be overstated enough. To ensure your car lasts a long time, it must be serviced regularly. Fluids, including the oil and coolant, need to be changed periodically to keep the engine and other internal parts running smoothly. Regular checks ensure parts that are worn out or damaged are repaired or replaced before causing too much damage to the car.

Regular maintenance might sound like an expensive affair in the short term but is likely to pay off in the long run. Findings from the Cost of Ownership Study published by AUTOCAR in 2020 showed that the MG Hector has the lowest maintenance costs for parts, labour, and service, making it one of the most economical SUVs to own. The SUV aims to limit your service runs and make them pocket-friendly when the need arises. With a basic maintenance cost amounting to Rs 0.40 per km for petrol and 0.55 per km for diesel, MG Hector owners spend half of what most other SUV owners spend. 

5. Take your time with a new car 

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If you are the owner of a brand new car, you must take things easy and give ample break-in time to the engine. The first step would be to get acquainted with your car’s manual and keep going back to it at regular intervals when you find yourself facing questions or in doubt. It is advisable to avoid driving aggressively or to let your car stay undriven for extended periods as it can affect engine health and fuel efficiency. As a rule of thumb, you shouldn’t push a new car engine too hard, change gears at low RPMs and let the car’s engine warm up properly when driving it. 

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If you’re scouting the market for a new car, the brand new MG Hector 2021 warrants your attention. With stylish dual-tone exteriors that are an equal match to its comfortable and spacious cabin space, the new Hector is a feature-rich SUV that prioritises safety and fun. Its i-Smart connectivity deserves a special mention, which can recognise over 35 voice commands in Hinglish, along with an array of options such as Engine Start Alarm, Vehicle Overspeed Alert, and much more. 

Following these bits of advice will help your car remain your favourite companion for a long time. Additionally, you should clean your car regularly, keep the tyres optimally inflated, and get any potential issues checked out as soon as you notice them. When given the love and care it deserves, your MG Hector will accompany you on epic adventures for as long as you want to travel.