How do changing seasons impact your car engine? Here’s how to maintain

Reckless car handling aside, the weather is the biggest enemy of a car. From the engine to the exterior, harsh weather conditions can take a toll on your car. Sooner or later, you will notice the effect on the car, sometimes visibly while sometimes through your driving instincts. 

India plays host to extreme weather conditions, with a wide variety depending on where you are. From the incessant rain in Mawsynram, Meghalaya to freezing Ladakh, and from the heat of the Thar desert to the humid summers in Odisha, weather presents a unique challenge to cars in India.

Cars are often exposed to these weather conditions, affecting not just your driving but also the internal mechanics of the car. To ensure trouble-free driving in any weather, here are a few tips that you need to ensure a smooth ride. 

1. The unsuspecting spring season can be a pest for the car, particularly its interiors. The bloom all around and the dry season means more pollen and dust inside your car. A new cabin air filter can reduce excess pollen and dust from entering your car. It will also improve the overall air quality inside your car. You should also go for an intensive car wash to keep your car spic and span. MG cars are seen flocking to use the trusted spring cleaning at the nearest MG service centre. It may also be time for your seasonal oil change, so make sure you refill when you visit an MG authorised service centre for a car wash.

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2. There are cure’s aplenty for your car’s summertime blues. Keep an eye on the transmission checks regularly and change it if the colour gets murky. Oil changes are essential too, considering the frequent interplay of rain and sun during the summers. Given the temperature rise, the air pressure must be checked regularly too. Every 10-12 degree Celsius change in temperature can change the air pressure by 1 PSI (pound per square inch). However, if you are driving the new Hector 2021, its i-SMART technology will have the Tyre Pressure Voice Alert to inform you about the tyre pressure status.

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3. Monsoon can have a visible impact on your car. As you drive through the rain, you may notice that your weathered windshield wiper needs a change, and your hazard lights may not be working properly. The monsoon moisture can dwell in odd places inside the car, causing health hazards. Seats, steering wheels, and gear knobs are the usual suspects when it comes to fungal formations. Regular cleaning of the interior can help you keep your car dry. Air conditioning can help you to regulate the temperature and avoid mould and mildew formations inside. Make sure that your defogger is working and electrical components are free from rainwater. The wear and tear of your tyres must also be regularly checked. Externally, you need to keep an eye on rust formation and ensure that the coat of paint is intact.

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4. During winter, you need to be watchful about the low temperature and the dry conditions. If you live in a particularly chilly region, be sure that the antifreeze levels in your engine are within the required range, and you heat your engine regularly. The temperature change will again trigger the need for a check of the tyre air pressure. Keep your battery in mint condition and jumper cables ready, just in case the battery runs down. If you own an MG, maybe it’s time to take the car to an authorised MG service centre. It will remove the salt and dirt build-up in the car from wintery streets.

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Throughout the year

Oil and coolant levels are something that you need to monitor regularly, irrespective of the weather. Changing oil and filter in your car ensures lubrication of the moving parts, avoids engine corrosion and acts as a sealant. Also, check that the spark plugs are running properly and battery performance is optimal.

In every session of servicing in the authorised MG service centre, all the vitals of the car are checked thoroughly, and malfunctions, if any, are timely addressed. With easy appointments and state-of-the-art infrastructure, all your free-servicing and warranty coverage is adequately covered during all weather conditions and around the year.