Essential car checks to perform before heading out on your summer holiday

Now that winter has receded, a new season is upon us, and summer is certainly making itself known. As the temperature increases, you will swap your winter coats for breezy, cotton, summer wear. Even your skincare routine will change – from cold cream to sunblock, as will your preferences in beverages. Hot chocolate and steaming cups of coffee will be replaced by iced teas and cold drinks. In much the same way, you will also need to pay a little extra attention to your car to help it cope with the new season. It’s no secret that summer and road trips go hand in hand; so it becomes even more important to ensure your car is in good shape. 

What can you do to help your car make the transition to the hot summer months better? Let’s find out.

Inspect tyre pressure

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Whether you are headed on a short drive or planning a week-long escapade, your car tyres should be in optimal condition for a safe journey. Tyre pressure tends to change with rising temperatures, leading to under or over-inflated tyres, and that can be a potential risk on roads. Remember that the air inside tyres expands with heat, so if you measure tyre pressure immediately after pulling off the road, you might not get an accurate reading. It is best to measure the pressure after waiting for a few minutes. Some cars, like the MG Hector 2021, make this a tad easier thanks to its Critical Tyre Pressure Voice Alert, which notifies you if it detects unusual tyre pressures in your car.

Additionally, before hitting the road during summer it is also important to check if there is any separation in the tyre threads as it could impact traction. You can do this check yourself with the penny test. If one-fourth of your coin doesn’t fit between the treads, it’s time to schedule a tyre change. And don’t forget to wash your tyres at regular intervals and wax them to ensure they can withstand heat. 

Change or inspect fluids

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Check all your fluids, including coolant, engine oil, and brake fluid. If you live in an area that experiences extreme swings in temperature between summer and winter, you might have to change your engine oil to a lighter grade. Make sure to top up your coolant so that it can cope with the harsh demands that summer puts on the car’s cooling system. Check the brake fluid as well; brakes work on the principle of heat exchange, and high temperatures could mean they can’t give out heat at optimum rates. So a quick checkup will do a world of good for your car.

Ensure the air conditioner works well

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The summer months usually have air conditioners working overtime. This makes it essential to check the AC gas levels and top it up if required. This is more important than you know as low refrigerant levels could result in the AC compressor working overtime, which might lead to it eventually failing. And, you would not want to go on long drives with a faulty air conditioning system. To avoid a costly, time-consuming replacement, check your car’s air conditioner as soon as the season changes. Remember to check that the blower works as intended or the cabin may not cool as quickly.

Inspect rubber components

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Heat is the enemy of rubber components, robbing rubber of its flexibility and making it crack and ultimately fail. So make sure you inspect essential rubber elements in your car, including the wiper blades, rubber belts and hoses, and beading, before heading out on a long summer vacation. A replacement for a small, inexpensive rubber part can mean the difference between a memorable holiday and one that you’d like to forget. And with MG’s 24×7 service offering, you can call for assistance wherever you are. Whether you need minor repairs, lost key assistance or need to tow your car, you can call the Pulse Hub at 1800 100 6464 whenever you need.

With clear skies and sunny days on the horizon, a summer adventure awaits you for an unforgettable experience. And your MG Hector 2021 is equipped to ferry you anywhere you want in complete comfort. Link it to the i-Smart app and you will get a host of information that will make every journey great. From notifying you about exceeding speed limits and the status of your vehicle to offering insights on the type of driver you are through “Smart Driver Information’, you can always stay informed about your car and the drive.   So, say goodbye to your hibernating days and set out to make the summer a memorable season.