Avoid these common mistakes to prevent your battery from draining – MG Motor

Compare the human body with that of an automobile. What is it that keeps the body running? Yes, you’re right, the heart. And what about an automobile? Yes, you’re right again, the battery. And, that is why timely upkeep and a consistent check on the battery are vital to your comfortable driving experience and your car’s health. Batteries get low when you overlook certain aspects, which may seem small but have a drastic impact on them. 

Let’s check out the common mistakes which trigger battery drain.

1. Leaving electronic devices charging for long periods 

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The mobile devices and laptops you charge in the car eat up your battery. If they are left for charging for long periods, they can seriously drain your battery. Thus, it’s recommended to unplug the devices when you have enough charging, which can last until your next halt. You can charge them at your destination.

2. Leaving the music system on 

When you are playing music at a low decibel, there are chances that you may forget to turn it off after parking your vehicle. Just like you roll up your windows before stepping out, remember to turn off the music system as well.  

3. Car headlights left on after parking 

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Especially during the day, you can easily forget to turn off the car’s headlights, which can massively impact your battery’s performance. So, whenever you turn off the ignition, have a thorough look at the switches to ensure the indicators and headlights are turned off.  

4. Exposing to extreme temperature 

If your car is being exposed to extreme temperatures, it is likely to drain faster. It can even turn out to be detrimental if exposed frequently. In summers, the temperature of the battery rises due to external heat; hence, it is advised to park it in a shed to avoid direct sunlight. While in winters, the extreme cold hinders its performance. It needs to work harder to get your car running. All these efforts expedite the draining of batteries. The chances of the battery going dead are doubled in winter.

5. Allowing accumulated corrosion 

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If you travel in your car once in a while, your battery terminals may develop parasitic corrosion, which severely drains your battery even when not in use. Similarly, if you get your batteries charged yet they are draining faster than usual, you need to consult a car professional. There is a high possibility that it could be due to a parasite attack. 

6. Buying poor quality batteries 

Similar to any poor quality product, buying low-quality batteries without the required warranties is likely to drain faster. It also has limited life compared to branded batteries. A good battery has a life expectancy of three to six years, depending on its usage. 

Car owners may face the issue of battery drain without any indication, but not one with an MG Hector. The MG SUV comes with a low battery indicator to alert you about its battery status even before the engine is turned on. The ‘internet inside’ Hector sends the notification to your smartphone through the i-SMART app synced with your vehicle. You can book a service immediately to get help with your MG’s low battery.