How keeping your car in great shape pays off – MG Motor

Your car isn’t merely a machine that takes you from a place to another. It’s an asset, a possession that you cherish every moment. A convenience that you enjoy every day and a treasured jewel that you never want to lose. To ensure it stays faithful to you in the long run, you need to follow timely servicing with a keen eye for its pain points. Keeping your car in the best shape not only enhances its life but also gives you an array of crucial benefits. Here we detail some of them.

1. Be safe, always

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Just like any other machine, the car too requires regular maintenance to function smoothly. The oil change, servicing and replacement of faulty parts ensure you are never stranded in the middle of the road.

Significantly, the prime reason for most accidents has been withered or faulty parts. This can be avoided in the first place by adhering to the service schedule of your manufacturer.

Every MG owner, for instance, gets a service reminder and professional assistance in times of need through the i-SMART app. This makes sure you never miss your scheduled MG services, and your MG continues to take you places.

2. Add more years to your car

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Regular servicing means lubricating the critical parts of the engine, brakes, transmission, etc. This avoids friction between them, leading to the prolonged life of the car’s components.

Moreover, timely service helps detect any withering or damaged part that could malfunction on the go posing a serious safety concern. Lastly, it gives you improved fuel efficiency and performance along with a stress-free ride.

3. Lower pollution 

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The cars emitting smoke out of their exhausts indicate the deteriorating condition of their engines. They create pollution by releasing harmful emissions such as carbon dioxide, methane, etc. A properly maintained vehicle with a regular service record won’t have such an issue as everything under the bonnet is healthy and sorted.

4. Avoid freeway breakdowns 

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With everything working in sync, the car just munches miles without showing any signs of malfunction. Such well-maintained cars never leave you stranded anywhere. You can continue travelling for kilometres with your family without worrying about breakdowns.

If your automobile gets stuck at any point due to unforeseen circumstances, such as a flat tyre or any other, MG’s roadside assistance service can help you out in getting things back on track.

5. You get more returns from the original purchase

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Keeping your car in good condition not only helps you in driving worry-free, but it also pays you well when you decide to part ways with your loved possession. Your car’s service record, pristine condition and smoothly functioning engine will have more takers and a better resale value. For instance, the MG Reassure gives you the best value for your MG car. So while buying a new MG vehicle, you do not have to worry about its resale.  

6.Your car is always ready for an impromptu road trip

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Your car won’t be a hindrance in those unplanned travel journeys with friends, provided you follow the service schedule. You only need to pack your bags for the next exciting adventure. No more worrying about getting the car serviced before your impromptu road trip. Be a reliable comrade among your colleagues with your ever-ready soul and car.