Make your car run smoothly with these maintenance tips

After months of deliberation and discussion around the car you want to buy, finally taking your first car out for a spin is an exhilarating moment. Your first car will never be just a set of four wheels; it becomes the partner with whom you share many new experiences. But, it isn’t enough to only know how to drive your car. It is equally important to know how to keep it in mint condition. The good news is that it isn’t rocket science; all you need is a little technical know-how. So, here are some car care tips to help prolong the life of your car. 

1. Understand your car inside-out

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The first thing to do is educate yourself on your car’s specifications and safety features. You can do this by reading the user manual, which has all the details about your car. The owner’s manual will make you aware of important information such as service intervals, when to change engine oil, and list down ways to solve recurring problems. Reading the user manual can enable you to identify and solve basic issues that you may eventually encounter. 

2. Clean your car’s engine  

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To ensure your car functions smoothly, it is essential to keep the engine clean. A clean engine not only keeps the car running without any trouble but can also reduce the total expenses of having to repair a damaged engine. One way to look after your engine is to ensure you always use clean fuel and keep the engine free of sludge. Changing the oil at regular intervals is advisable as oil leakages, and dust accumulation can cause major damage. 

3. Learn how to check and change lubricants/oil filter 

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Check your engine’s oil level as an integral part of your basic car maintenance routine. Your car is made up of several moving parts that run smoothly with the help of lubricants. The friction created when these parts brush against each other produces energy which is absorbed by the oil. This oil can get contaminated, which is why it needs changing at regular intervals. Likewise, it is important to replace the oil filter at certain intervals. You can refer to the owner’s manual to know the frequency of oil change.

If you are unsure of what to do, it’s best to leave it to the experts. Fortunately, MG Motor offers an easy-to-book service option from the website, making it extremely convenient to maintain your car.     

4. Ensure the tyres are in good condition 

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Tyres that are in good condition can ensure every drive is safe and comfortable. This makes them one of the most important parts of the car. It is recommended that you check your car’s tyre pressure regularly—at least once in 10 days. Tyre pressure can also impact your car’s fuel economy. Under-inflated tyres affect the handling of the car and cause higher fuel consumption and wear out faster.

Similarly, over-inflated tyres may result in tyre bursts. Maintaining the correct tyre pressure can reduce wear and tear and helps them last longerMG Gloster’s Tyre pressure monitoring system creates a safe driving experience for drivers and passengers by providing real-time information and customisable alerts on tyre pressure. 

5. Don’t ignore the warning lights 

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Almost all cars have built-in systems of sensors and warning lights that indicate if something is out of order. Learn to identify various lights on your car’s dashboard, what they mean and how you can fix them. You can find all the information in your owner’s manual, which can make this process easier.  

With an i-Smart system and app features with warning alerts, the all-new MG Hector 2021 gives you enhanced convenience. Aimed towards enhancing safety, the high-speed alert feature is designed to issue audio warning alerts such as abnormal tyre pressure and makes journeys safer. Its customisable nature (in-app) makes it unique and highly useful.

6. Drive responsibly 

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The way you drive your car reflects its condition and can impact its mileage. Keep your car in good condition by avoiding rash driving, sudden braking, sharp, quick turns. Smart driving habits will reduce wear and tear over the long run, give you good mileage and save fuel costs. Remember following speed limits, avoiding sudden stops or frequent speed fluctuations will keep you safe, reduce maintenance costs and ensure your car lasts longer. An easy way to monitor your driving habits is through MG’s smart drive information that provides analytics on how harsh you apply brakes or the time you left your vehicle running idle, among others. 

Moreover, MG Shield offers a unique maintenance package that helps keep your car’s running costs low. Its pocket-friendly costs offer 5 free services and a 5-year comprehensive warranty that is valid for unlimited kilometres. You can easily access these warranty features with Hector’s 5-year/unlimited kilometres roadside assistance accessible 24×7 through MG’s Pulse Hub.