Here’s how to look after your car when it’s not in use

As the country grapples with the second wave of coronavirus, staying indoors has become the easiest way to take care of yourself and your loved ones. While travel plans have been put on hold, uninterrupted family time has made it easier to navigate these challenging curves. Similarly, moments with your MG might have been limited to short and essential drives, but those are enough to remind you that better times are just around the corner. As vital as it is for you and your MG to patiently wait this out, you also need to ensure that your parked car stays in good condition.

1. Avoid engaging the handbrake 

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Leaving your car’s handbrake engaged for a long stretch can make it prone to rusting or the brake pads getting jammed. If you are parking your car on a plain surface, you can easily disengage the parking brake without worrying about your car rolling down. Otherwise, you can also leave your car in the first gear and use wheel clocks, tyre stoppers or even a piece of brick to keep your car moving from its stationary position. 

2. Maintain optimal tyre pressure 

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To keep your tyres in their best state, it is a good idea to shift the weight distribution by driving your car a few inches forwards and backwards every once in a while. This prevents the car’s entire weight from being accumulated on one particular part and protects it from damage. If not done, it puts constant pressure of the car’s weight on the same part of the air tubes, causing the tyres to burn out sooner. 

It is also a good idea to check the tyre pressure every few days or so. If your tyre pressure is too high, the air pressure can expand, causing an increase in the pressure on the tyre during the hot summer months. This can lead to the tyre exploding or getting punctured more easily. Your MG car comes with an inbuilt tyre-pressure monitoring system to help you with this. The driver information display shows the driver the tyre pressure and the individual temperature of each tyre, thus making your car maintenance even more effortless. 

3. Work the steering

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As you prepare to move the car forwards and backward to shift the weight distribution on the tyres, taking the car for a short spin within the society premises can also be a good idea. It is a quick way of ensuring that all car components are engaged and are working in order. It is important to rotate the steering wheel to keep it in its optimal condition and to prevent it from locking or jamming in certain positions.

4. Fuel up the tank

Keeping your car’s tank full keeps the air from occupying the empty space in the tank and saves it from rust damage due to moisture build-up. Additionally, it also protects the petrol or diesel from getting evaporated on coming in contact with air. The less the air in the tank, the less petrol/diesel will evaporate after coming in contact with it. So, fill up your tank to the brim and seal the tank properly. 

5. Keep it covered 

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While you take care of diverse components of your car, you must also pay heed to its exterior. Certain elements of the car, such as the paint, the dashboard and some of the interior parts, are prone to damage if exposed to direct sunlight and other natural elements. The best way to prevent this is, of course, to park the car in the shade or to keep it covered. This will protect it from losing its shine. In case your parking area does not have a roof, cover your car with a waterproof cover.

6. Inspect the interiors

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Before you cover your car, you must also check on it from the inside. Keeping the car open for a while at regular intervals will air it out and prevent it from developing a mouldy smell. Keep the interiors clear of food wrappers, used tissues and other such waste that might create mould and become a hotspot for bacteria. It is imperative to pay close attention to carpets and floor mats and to dust or vacuum them periodically. Given the current times, sanitising your car becomes all the more crucial to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy.

With your car in hibernation mode, taking good care of it becomes even more important. Rest assured that when good times come knocking, your MG will be ready to steer you to thrilling adventures and unforgettable experiences.