Top useful accessories to have in your car this monsoon season – MG Motor

The cool breeze, the patter of raindrops, the wet, gleaming tarmac; a monsoon drive is an experience in itself, but clearly not one free of flaws and challenges. Furthermore, your car could take quite a beating as far as looks go due to the mud and water everywhere. However, if you accessorise your car well, you can protect your car’s exterior, maintain hygiene and cleanliness inside, and have a safe drive. Be wiser and more comfortable with these accessories in your vehicle: 

1. Floor mats

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Every time you walk through rain puddles and enter your car, you soil the floor of your car. So does anyone else who travels in your car during the monsoon season. One must-have car accessory for the monsoon season is a set of rubber or plastic floor mats. MG car owners swear by the MG PVC cabin and boot mats that cover your car’s floor from edge-to-edge so that no dust slips under it. Easily removable and washable, these floor mats help you keep your car interiors clean and moisture-free.

2. Window visors

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Visors are useful throughout the year. During monsoons, you can enjoy the balmy rain-drenched breeze on your skin without getting wet. It significantly reduces the rain and moisture spreading across your windows, thus giving you a clear outside view. During summer, you can enjoy the warmth of the sun without being directly in the way of sunlight. 

3. Car cover

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If you live in a region prone to rain, you might have to worry about rust chipping away at your car. Torrential rains or water splashes can take the sheen off your car in the long run, even if parked in a covered space. A car cover protects your car from all these concerns. It will also protect your car from bird droppings, especially if you tend to leave it outside. The MG silver car cover is a sturdy car accessory to buy for the monsoon season. It comes with the majestic MG logo just above the windshield.

4. Air freshener

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During monsoon, the moisture in the air can make it prone to fungus and foul smell, especially if your car isn’t well-ventilated. This happens because we roll down the windows less often, thereby preventing ventilation. While it is always advisable to roll down the windows once in a while and keep your car ventilated, you can also use an air freshener or car perfume to keep the inside of your car smelling pleasant and fragrant. MG Premium Gel Freshener has a controlled release formula that maintains aromatic air inside the cabin.

5. Mudflaps

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If you tend to drive through muddy roads, you will notice that the bottom of your car gets splattered with all sorts of muck and filth. If this builds up, the area around the wheels will become prone to discolouration and rust over the years if not cleaned regularly and intensively. Mudflaps protect your car and the cars behind you. It stops mud and debris from flying back into your car and onto the vehicles following you.

6. Vacuum cleaner 

Wet shoes often leave behind wet dirt that dries up and damages floor mats and seat covers. A car vacuum cleaner is a simple solution to the issue and can keep the interiors dirt-free. If you vacuum your car regularly, you can avoid dirt from being stuck in your car and prevent any dampness or foul order from developing. MG car vacuum cleaners are a handy way of keeping your MG car spotlessly clean. 

7. Pedal cover

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Pedal covers form a layer over your foot pedals and build a grip. On a rainy day, in case the grip on the pedal cover is corroded, your feet can easily slip as you step on the brakes. Worse comes to worst; this could make you lose control of your car. Always ensure that you have new pedal covers during the monsoon season.

8. Anti-fog membrane

ORVMs (Outside rearview mirrors) with rain droplets all over them can be quite irritating while driving. But with anti-fog membranes, you can always get a clear view with your ORVMs. Waterproof membranes don’t allow water drops to settle on them and reduce the reflection and glare on the rearview mirror. 

From hygiene to safety to even a glam touch-up, accessories are an upgrade to the rider experience when it comes to automobiles. And this holds firmly during the monsoon season. And if you own an MG Hector, you can find a whole range of accessories that not only will help keep your car in top condition but can also add better convenience to your drives. So, invest in some useful car accessories and make the ride easier and enjoyable while enhancing the look and feel of your vehicle.