New-age ways of camping you can adopt in the new normal

Over the last several years, camping has become a rather popular activity. Spending time in nature, breathing in that crisp, fresh air and exploring the wilderness offers a refreshing change from the four walls of your home. And it is certainly is welcome after the many months that people have had to spend at home. But what makes camping ideal in this new normal world, is that you can go about it all on your own, without having to expose yourself or your loved ones to anyone else. So, here are some tips to stay safe while planing your next sojourn into the great outdoors.  

Meal prepping hacks  

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While stopping at roadside dhabas used to be a travel ritual and something to look forward to, it may be advisable to replace these pit stops with home-cooked meals. You can prepare travel-friendly food as sandwiches or overnight oats that you can enjoy on the way. Consider carrying some canned food, energy bars, coffee sachets, and everyone’s favourite – ready-to-eat noodles. Ziplock bags are excellent for storing pre-cut ingredients and keeping them fresh. You can also pack travel-sized seasoning, sauces and other snacking essentials to keep hunger pangs at bay. 

Campsite cooking

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Don’t be fooled into thinking that carrying pre-cooked meals and canned food means having to settle for cold or bland food. With portable barbeque grills easily available, you can relish piping hot meals while you unplug from the world. These grills are quite versatile, allowing you to both, whip up a quick meal and even make coffee or tea to ensure you get your caffeine fix. Another camping essential to consider taking along is an ice cooler; it not only keeps drinks chilled but can also prevent any leftovers from getting spoilt. Fortunately, with three rows of seats and ample boot space in your Hector Plus, storing all your camping gear will be no problem at all. 

Lounge in style

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If you don’t want to spend all your time in a tent, you can shake things up with foldable chairs or a hammock. Not only are camping chairs lightweight, but you can adjust them to a preferred height. Hammocks have also become immensely popular among adrenaline lovers as they are fun, functional and easy-to-pack. Hanging out in a hammock to enjoy scenic views or settling in for a relaxing siesta is a great way to relax. Setting up a hammock is exceptionally easy as well, which makes it an ideal addition to your camping great.  

Set up camp in your car 

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Of course, if weather conditions change, you might have to improvise. While most tents are waterproof, it doesn’t stop the rain from turning the ground into mush. But with a little quick thinking, you can turn your car into a makeshift campsite. For instance, with the third-row seats of your MG Gloster folding flat, you can set up a relaxing space. All you need are some blankets, and you’re set for a cosy night-in. And since the second and third rows have individual vents, you can set the air conditioner to a preferred temperature to stay comfortable. Turn on the Gloster’s high-end infotainment system and let mellow tunes set the pace for a dreamy night, while you lie back and gaze out of the electric sunroof. 

Miscellaneous must-haves

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Preparing for a camping trip – whether in a tent or your MG – requires being smart and packing certain essentials that can take your experience a notch higher. For instance, a sleeping bag or duvet, along with woollens, can make it easy to deal with chilly night temperatures. A thermos, mosquito repellant, blankets and a first-aid kit are other must-haves to keep you comfortable. And while camping can transport you into another world, don’t forget that there is still a pandemic at large. So, carry masks, sanitizers, disinfectant sprays and wipes as well. Amidst all the fun, making safety a priority and keeping a distance from fellow campers is necessary.

When the time comes to pack up and head home to reality, make sure you leave your camping spot and the surroundings as you found it. Remember to pick up after yourself and carry reusable containers to reduce trash. With an intelligent All Terrain System and seven driving modes, your MG Gloster can glide over any terrain. But as a conscious traveller, it becomes your responsibility to leave nature untouched so others can enjoy it too.