MG Astor: The Car That Is As Smart As You Are

The young generation of the country needs automobiles that resonate with their dynamic personality. The stunning success of MG cars in India is a testimony of that desire to stand out, always. With some of the best SUVs in India in its stable, the British brand has impressed the car aspirants with its technologically forward cars. 

Be it the MG Hector or the MG Gloster, the ‘internet inside’ aspect has struck the right chord with the millennials. Pushing the envelope further, the MG Astor will set a new benchmark in this part of the world. The MG Astor gets a good dose of style, technology and built-in AI, which takes the in-car experience to an altogether different level. 

Let’s have a look at the AI tech, which makes the MG Astor a smart SUV:

Personal Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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AI Development

The presence of AI as your assistance is a really cool feature of the MG Astor SUV. The AI assistant is designed by the famous American firm, Star Design. To give it a human touch, it comes with expressions and a voice similar to a human being’s. It can provide extensive information on any topic using Wikipedia and can interact with passengers in the car. 

The i-SMART Hub Connection

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The best family car from MG is powered by the i-SMART Hub. The platform houses CAAP’s (Car-As-A-Platform) partnerships, services and various subscription options. With the MG Astor, the British auto brand is introducing the CAAP and to support this software ecosystem, it has partnered with global firms working in the areas of Blockchain, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. 

Owners of the MG Astor can do much more than just driving with seamless tech on board. They can now interact with third-party partners in various domains such as entertainment, insurance, utility and others. The onboard tech not only gives personalised engagement but also brings economic benefits. 

AI Assistant At Your Side

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The MG Astor understands you and acts as a partner even on solo trips. Your AI assistant in the can take different forms:


Your personal AI assistant is built to follow your commands. It understands various commands, including more than 35 Hinglish ones. 


Whether you have a general knowledge query or want to dig deep into something very interesting, the assistant can relay more information and detail from the most trusted source – Wikipedia.


The AI can crack hilarious jokes to freshen up your mood or to get the conversation going with your fellow passengers. 


No command of yours goes unheard. The personal AI assistant responds to every relevant query whenever you ask. 


The AI in the MG Astor keeps you updated with all the latest buzz and news from any industry. 

Festival Mascot

Understanding that humans and festivities go hand in hand, the AI becomes a festival mascot and wishes you on your favourite festivals in its own unique style.