Looking for a new family car? Here are some boxes it should check. – MG Motor

Be it a special weekend getaway, shopping with family, or dropping your kids at the park, a family car needs to tick many boxes. Not only does it take you places, but it also takes on different avatars to accommodate the various needs of your family members. An abode for dear memories with your loved ones, your car welcomes new adventures while also making mundane tasks more fun. 

So, when you’re in the market for a car, you’re not just looking for a vehicle but an addition to the family itself. You’re looking for a car that you can trust every time you take it out for a spin. Here are some things you should consider before taking the plunge: 

1. Safety features in the car

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Safety is paramount, especially when travelling with little ones; hence looking for a car that provides you 360-degree assurance should be a priority. A structurally sound vehicle is built with forever in mind, and the brand new MG Hector 2021 embodies the same philosophy. With a high-strength steel body and thick door panels that enhance your safety while travelling, the new MG Hector 2021 is capable of taking on any challenge on the road. 

Next, come Active Safety features that can help you embark on any journey with a stress-free mind. Go through the car’s brochure or inquire with a salesperson to understand what all a car offers. Features such as Electronic Stability Program, Anti-Braking System, Front, and Rear Disc Brakes are a must-have for any family car. For instance, the new MG Hector offers an impressive list of features, such as Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, Front Parking Sensor, Speed sensor auto-lock, and Reverse Parking Camera, Hill Hold Control, and many more. With driver and co-driver airbags for the adults and ISOFIX child seat anchors for your munchkins, MG Hector leaves no one behind. 

2. Space for everyone

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Us Indians are all too familiar with travelling in big groups, and a car that understands this is already a few points ahead of others. A family car should spoil everyone with their personal space, and that is precisely what the MG Hector 2021 aims to do. With a seven-seater bench seat variant, there is no question of lack of space with MG Hector. Apart from this, you should look for ample leg space to enjoy long drives with utmost comfort. Choose a car that prioritises comfort with luxe features such as reclining and individual armrests with plush leather for you to glide on.

3. Sufficient storage

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A rule of thumb for travelling with kids is to pack extra – extra clothes, diapers, toys, and anything else that can keep them engaged. This is why you need a car that can take the extra load too. Take a cue from the MG Hector 2021, which has enough built-in storage space to ensure no baggage creeps into your lap or seats. In case your car is going to be your dwelling place for a few days on the road, a roof carrier can be the perfect addition to pack all your necessities. So, choose a car that allows you to pack (or overpack) all you want without thinking twice about the storage space. 

4. On-road entertainment

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Whoever said life is about the journey and not the destination had access to amazing on-road entertainment. In today’s world, Wi-Fi connectivity is a must and even more so when you are outside your home. Whether it is navigating through uncharted territory or blasting the perfect travel playlist, MG Hector’s i-Smart has got you covered on all fronts. You can stream your favourite tunes on the Gaana app or cruise to a podcast from the preloaded entertainment content. Ever heard of planning a trip with your car because that’s something you can do in the new MG Hector. Apart from getting traffic updates and directions, you can search for places of interest along the route and even ask your car for a restaurant suggestion. 

And, did we mention that you can do all this and much more without lifting a finger? Equipped with a best-in-segment Voice Command feature that recognises up to 35 commands in Hinglish can mean the difference on a long journey. MG Hector’s dashboard offers a peek into the latest Wi-Fi technology on wheels that helps you escape from the real world while staying connected to it.   

5. A little bit of this and that

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A recipe for on-road perfection includes some miscellaneous features that you can use according to your needs and preferences. A power-adjustable driver seat can ease the toil of driving for long hours, and second-row reclining seats can let you have a quick nap. Cup holders can help you stay hydrated without spilling your drink, ambient lighting can set a merry mood, and wireless charging can help you avoid clutter. 

Your family car must be tailor-made for you, and with tons of features that cover your needs and wants, the new MG Hector 2021 will be the perfect addition to your family. So, gather your loved ones to celebrate new beginnings and plan exciting adventures.