Importance of Driving in a Convenient Posture And Post-driving Exercises

Every year 16th October is celebrated as World Spine Day to mark the burden of spinal pain and disability around the globe. Health professionals, patients, rehabilitation experts come together to mark World Spine Day. It also recognises the lack of access to quality spine care and rehabilitation in under-served communities, which results in chronicity and permanent deformity. One of the major reasons for spinal pain is prolonged sitting in an inconvenient position – it could be home, office or a car.

Let’s have a look at why driving with the correct posture is important.

1. The Importance of Driving in a Convenient Posture 

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Everyday commute can really take a toll on your body. Most of the pains that we experience in the back and neck are a result of incorrect posture while driving. Some compact cars may have limited headroom and legroom, pushing above-average height drivers into uncomfortable positions. At times, the cars may have sufficient space, but there isn’t enough support for the lower back curve, again leading to discomfort.

Well, it’s not always cars; it could be our driving position as well. For instance, some drivers want to be seated slightly towards the edge of the seat base, which isn’t the ideal posture to drive cars. Poor driving positions may lead to pain in the neck, back, arms, wrists, shoulders, fingers, legs and feet.

2. Tips for Improving Posture While Driving 

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You can follow some basic tips to improve your driving posture for a more comfortable and safe drive.

  • Ensure your legs reach the pedal fully, and your hands rest on the steering. You can pull your seat forward to reach this position.
  • Adjust your seat height from the lowest position and stop where your hip is in line with your knees or slightly lower.
  • Select the recline angle to have a supportive backrest. You can select between 100-110 degrees as this angle puts the least stress on your back.
  • Alter the steering wheel for rake and reach to find a comfortable position.

3. Backcare And Exercises for Spine Health

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To ensure your overall spine health remains in good shape, you need to devote some time to exercises. For back pain, you can follow the Bridge exercise, which is essential for strengthening the gluteus maximus – the largest muscle of the buttocks. This muscle lends strong support to your back.

Then there is a knee-to-chest stretch which not only relieves back pain but is also a stress buster. Lower back rotation exercises are also there where you lie down with your back on the ground with knees bending and feet flat. Gently moving the bent knees on either side will bring respite in spinal pain. Similarly, there is a host of light to heavy regimes, which can be routinely followed to keep away back pain.

And if you are an MG Gloster owner, your driver’s seat will keep you stress-free with back massagers and ventilation features always available to provide you with a spa-like feel anytime. It’s not only restricted to the driver; even the co-passenger can enjoy the balmy experience with the seat heating option during chilly winters.