How to keep your car’s exterior in pristine condition – MG Motor

Here’s the truth: Your brand new car will not always look brand new. Over time, its age will reflect on the face and body. To ensure it looks pristine for most of its life, it asks for care. It’s only a #humanthing to ask for, isn’t it? To hold onto that brand-new glow for years, there are methods to use and little effort to put. Ever wondered why some decades-old models running happily on the road still surprise you with their pristine condition. Come closer; here are their secrets.

Parking right

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Direct sunlight is harmful to your car’s exterior paint. Whenever you park your car, ensure there is a proper shade over it. Enclosed parking lots or garages are the best to protect your car from damage by the sun, birds or people. During the day, you should avoid parking in narrow streets or areas where traffic is more as it could get hit by mistake. If you do not have enclosed parking, consider going for car covers.

Wash your car

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Regular cleaning ensures your car does not have dirt or debris accumulating for long. Continuous accumulation of these elements tends to affect the paint’s sheen. You can also go for a wax once in a while to retain your vehicle’s original shine with a layer of protection against rain, sunlight and other elements.

Use auto-specific cleaning products 

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Here’s a common misconception: what cleans your home can also clean your car. That’s only partly true because auto-specific cleaning products are tailor-made for cars and, most importantly, do not harm the paint quality. Therefore, take precautions while using something like a scrubber as it may scratch your car’s paint. 

Once you are done with washing, do not forget to wipe it with a dry cloth or any recommended cleaning product. Leaving the drying step may lead to the development of mineral spots, which turn the paint dull.

Spot check and clean between washes 

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Whenever you see a fresh bird dropping or any other dirty element on your car, you should try to wipe it off as early as possible. It may be a hassle, but these unwanted elements tend to dry up and cake on your car, making them even harder to remove. Trying to remove these dried chunks later may accidentally result in scratches on the surface of your automobile.

Clean windows, always

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A pristine car demands that its windows are like crystal-clear mirrors to passers-by. Avoid the use of harmful cleaners for your car windows that contain ammonia. Their regular use can affect the glass colour. Instead, go for automobile-specific cleaners designed for car windows. Once cleaned, you can also put protective sprays which control the accumulation of dirt.

To get yourself a clean car, you need to step out. However, if you are concerned about safety due to COVID-19 or are often short on time, the caring hands can come right to your doorstep. The #MGCare initiative assists you in repairing minor technical issues, fitments, dry wash and sanitisation of your vehicle. It minimises your trips to the service centre and gives you a safe and contactless experience. Moreover, it saves your commuting time as well.