How MG Is Paving Its Way In The Indian Automobile Industry


It’s safe to say that the Indian automobile industry has made great strides – from importing cars in small numbers to establishing several home-grown car manufacturers. Today, it is one of the world’s largest automotive industries in both- production and sales. Cars are not only faster and more efficient, but they are also starting to bridge the gap in connectivity.

MG Motor has joined this movement of the industry by introducing car models that are making aspirational and conscious car enthusiasts in the country sit up and take notice of them. Here’s why.

Hector- The Connected Car

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Launched in June 2019, the MG Hector was India’s first connected car in its class. Considering the fact that it was MG’s first product in India, it managed to create a wide fanbase in the country as well. And some of the features that may contribute to this popularity include: 

  • An embedded 5G-ready SIM with Internet Protocol 6: This essentially makes the car function like a smartphone or tablet. It can receive OTA updates and guide the driver home, independent of a smartphone connection while also accounting for traffic. 
  • The i-Smart app: It can be downloaded from the Play Store to Android phones, or from the App Store to iPhones. It can be used to unlock some surprising and delightful features of the car. For instance, the app can show where your car is located in a parking lot; you can turn the air-conditioning on or off; open the sunroof and boot lid and even lock or unlock your car. 

Pro-tip: Geofencing is another crucial feature of the app, which contributes to the safety of the MG Hector – it will send an alert on the app if the car exits a designated geographic location.

The ZS EV- A Pure Electric SUV

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MG Motor’s second product in the Indian market – the ZS EV – is an all-electric vehicle which aims to contribute to India’s “green” revolution. However, if you think electric cars can’t match the speed and mileage of their fuel counterparts, the MG ZS will change that perception:

  • It wows at first look: With its modern styling, the ZS EV can make any fossil-fuel-powered SUV go green… with envy. It joins the Hector in offering over 100 voice commands that can be recognised by the car. 
  • Mobile phone app: It offers all the features that the Hector does, but with some significant additions. For example, it can inform you if your chosen route needs more juice than what is left in the batteries – and then it will direct you to the nearest charging station en route. 
  • DC fast charging at MG dealerships: To ensure MG ZS owners stay on track with their travel plans, MG dealerships are offering free super-fast charging to boost the electric vehicle movement. So in the time that it takes to have a coffee and catch up on emails or social media, your ZS will be 80 per cent charged. 

To sum it all up, MG Motor believes that the future is in connected mobility. The Hector and ZS, with their ‘Internet Inside’ philosophy, embody this spirit of progress. After all, the future is going to be more connected than ever so why not operate cars that can elevate your driving experience by ensuring you get the best of everything with a single push of a button.