Go Marie Kondo on your car to give it a minimalist look – MG Motor

When you were a kid, your parents got after you to keep your room clean, to keep your things where they belonged. That’s, in fact, valuable learning best put to use now on your belongings, especially your car. You may do a quick job of it and get a servicing and some polishing, and this type of care may only affect your car’s internal health and external look. But that doesn’t account for a complete car-care regimen. Aren’t you forgetting your car’s interiors? 

If your car is your cosy cocoon, you may be indulging in a lot of activities inside it; for example, eating takeout food inside your car or using the door-side pockets as spare change holders. Over a few months (or possibly even years), these knick-knacks will surely accumulate within the car, leaving it extremely shabby and almost uninhabitable.

Here are a few ways you can spruce up the interior of your car to ensure that it looks flawless and brand-new. 

Get rid of unwanted stuff

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If you want to make sure your car looks like it did when you bought it, it is recommended that you first ‘Marie Kondo’ the car and throw out anything that you don’t need or haven’t used in a while. Clean up every nook and cranny of the car – like areas under the front seat, behind the rear seats, inside door pockets, inside seat pockets, etc. The best way to do this is with a car vacuum cleaner so that the most inaccessible areas in the interior of the car can be reached. Then, you can work on sorting and organising your interiors for a clutter-free look.

Accessorise to de-clutter the car

Here are some important tips that can prove useful when de-cluttering your car: 

Organise spare change

While making cash payments during travel, either at the fuel station or the drive-through, you might often leave spare change in different pockets in the car’s interior. Over time, these coins pile up, and it becomes difficult to sort through them later. Take this simple solution: invest in a coin organiser so that you can separate the different coin denominations and pay at stops quicker. 

Invest in a tissue box

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If you tend to snack inside your car either on the way to work or on a leisurely road trip, tissues are a must-have. Spilt some ketchup? Reach for a tissue and wipe it; it’s that efficient. Moreover, a used tissue box can be repurposed into a holder for plastic shopping bags – especially useful when you’ve forgotten your cloth bags at home!

Easily accessible condiments

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Like coins, condiments like ketchup sachets also tend to pile up in different corners of the car. With the help of a snack container or a cup holder, these condiments can be easily organised in one place.

Portable trash bin for added hygiene

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If you have children frequently travelling in the car, you might have to deal with trash like snacks and chocolate wrappers lying around. A detachable trash bin that clings onto the backside of the front seat can solve this problem for good and help keep the car’s interior spick and span.

Trunk organiser: The ultimate solution

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Children love to explore their creativity with crayons and colouring pencils while on road trips. Investing in a trunk organiser can help teach children to be organised as well as keep your car clutter-free. 

Other useful accessories

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Apart from the aforementioned, several other car accessories can help make your life easier and more organised. For example, a tablet holder, a laptop tray, a mobile holder, a car coat-hanger, and a pet protection cover for the seat can go a long way in keeping the inside of your car free of unnecessary dirt and clutter.

Choose the best compatible accessories

If you own an MG Hector or MG Gloster, the wide range of compatible car accessories may leave you spoilt for choice. From comfortable cushion sets to high-end accessories like a car refrigerator and car inverter, you can get everything you need for a safe, organised trip.