Classics to Supercars: Explore Iconic Machines Virtually at these Car Museums – MG Motor

]Visiting auto-expos and car museums and gawking at gleaming classics or sleek, futuristic machines is a thrilling experience for any car aficionado. But with COVID-19 travel restrictions, you have likely missed out on indulging in this passion. Well, with virtual museum tours at your fingertips, you have a way to partake in one of your favourite hobbies. You can satiate your love for cars from the safety of your home and check out different museums every weekend.

Here are some of the best virtual car museum tours for every kind of car lover.

1. British Motor Museum

The British Motor Museum has one of the most wondrous collections of vintage British cars. With hundreds of classics on display from the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust, this museum should make every car enthusiast’s list. Some highlights include MG’s speed record-breakers, along with stunning images and videos of them in action. Other displays include the first Land Rover from 1948, Sinclair C5, the last Aston Martin DB7 and plenty more. You can watch a pre-recorded virtual tour of the museum on YouTube or select from different themes and explore their collection with a bespoke live tour via video call.

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2. Larz Anderson Auto Museum

The Larz Anderson Auto Museum displays a small but golden collection of some of the earliest cars. It features vintages such as the 11-litre, six-cylinder Fiat from 1907 and the 1926 Lincoln Seven. Additionally, it holds some original horse-drawn carriages and vintage bike collections. The museum currently offers virtual tours via Zoom, which can be scheduled on Tuesdays or Thursdays in a fixed time slot. The virtual tours include a guided tour of the current exhibit, their permanent collection, and a history of the museum.

3. Revs Institute

Revs Institute prides itself on being more than just a car museum. Touted as a working educational institution that deals with the study, preservation, conservation and restoration of historically important automobiles, it has a stunning collection of over 100 vehicles, dating back from 1896 to 1995. Each of the displays here presents a milestone in automotive innovation. From pathbreaking wagonettes to iconic Formula cars, it is a treat for auto history fans. Their digital library also shares anecdotes and technical information for each showpiece and some memorable pictures.

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4. Petersen Automotive Museum

The Petersen Automotive Museum along Museum Row in Los Angeles is one of the world’s largest automotive museums. The exhibits cover the history, the art, the technology of the automobile industry. In their virtual tour, Michael Bodell, the museum’s deputy director, takes you through the remarkable journey from the third floor right down to the vault. You get a glimpse of the newest exhibitions, including supercars, science fiction cars, motorcycles, and tons more. If the cars aren’t reason enough, Bodell’s incredible knowledge and anecdotes will keep you glued to the guided tour.

5. Lane Motor Museum

The Lane Motor Museum features more than 500 unique cars and is home to the widest European collection in the U.S. Displayed here are vehicles from the early 1990s to modern-day models. It also showcases a diverse collection of microcars, amphibious vehicles, military and alternative fuel vehicles and many other oddballs. The collection specialises in lesser-known or forgotten models such as Britain’s Berkeley and Davis Divan. Auto fans who love quirky and fun cars can enjoy a 3D and Virtual-Reality tour of the museum.

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6. Tiriac Collection

The Tiriac Collection is the passion project of professional hockey and tennis player – Ion Tiriac. The collection is one of the few that have an online app to provide a 360 virtual tour. It features some of the most famous vehicles, such as the Hurtu 3 ½ Quadricycle from 1899, the Ahrens Fox NS24 ladder from 1924 and many more. All models displayed in the gallery are fully operational, and some of these units were completely restored by the Tiriac Collection’s engineers.


These virtual tours offer the perfect opportunity to admire the magnificence and design of motor vehicles dating back to the 17th and 18th century. Enjoy the evolution of cars over centuries and add to your knowledge of cars and their make right from the comfort of your home with these online experiences.