Celebrating Mother’s Day with a Car Unlike Any Other

From fretting over your well-being to understanding every nuance of your being, mothers are the greatest embodiment of intuition and emotional intelligence. There are countless ways to thank your mother for all that she is and does, and Mother’s Day serves as an excellent opportunity to express gratitude for her selfless love and nurturing.

Taking a cue from your mom’s concern for your safety and security, the MG Hector 2021 models its intuitive and intelligent features to put your well-being first. Whether it is notifying you of security issues or ensuring the utmost comfort when you drive, it puts your happiness and safety first. Here are some common traits between your mom and your MG Hector.   

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1. “Beta, be careful and travel safe” 

If there’s one universal trait common with moms the world over, it is their ability to sense something that is not right. They warn you about potential mistakes and bad decisions, no matter how grown-up you are. 

Safety and security features are a prerequisite for a car as advanced as the MG Hector 2021. Whether it is structural safety in the form of its robust design, or a host of active safety features such as ESP, Front Disc Brakes, and Speed-sensing door locks, the Hector is a safe haven!

Additionally, its use of Geofencing technology takes security to the next level by instantly alerting you if your car has left the pre-decided perimeter. The same concern over your well-being and safety prompts the MG Hector 2021 to notify you if the car exceeds a pre-set speed limit.

2. I should have listened to mom  

How well do you relate to this feeling? Moms know the best after all and are always available to offer the perfect advice to help navigate tricky routes and detours that life sometimes takes. 

Taking a leaf from every mom’s handbook, the MG Hector 2021 is high on efficient and optimal use of time and routes. Its i-SMART connectivity helps you choose the best route when driving somewhere, offers real-time traffic updates, suggests fuel stations en route and the distance to them. It also ensures you are never at a loss when looking for a nearby café, restaurant, or pharmacy.

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3. Can’t explain it to mom? Don’t worry

Mothers have the uncanny gift of understanding verbal and non-verbal cues, from facial expressions to body language. They are mind readers who can understand you with absolute ease. 

The voice-activated help in MG Hector 2021 offers a similar intuitive experience. Say “Hello, MG” to activate the in-car control system for better, hands-free interaction between you and your car. The voice assistant is designed to pick up Indian-English pronunciation, including Hinglish words, ensuring the car system understands you perfectly. Using Natural Language Understanding, your MG Hector truly gets you regardless of accent and intonation and responds promptly with an answer. Even on days when you’re confused about what you want, the Fuzzy Search feature helps you stay on top of things, just like your mom would. 

4. “See, I’m warning you” – Every mom ever 

Perhaps one of the most underrated traits that mothers have is their ability to assess situations and offers answers almost instantly. Call it intuition, sixth sense, or just some fine detective DNA embedded in mom genes; she is likely to have bailed you out of many tricky situations in life. 

Speaking of detection and analysis, you can never get away with poor driving in an MG Hector 2021, thanks to its inbuilt smart driving analytics. It displays information like driver analytics, idle running time, harsh braking, drive time, and other important information on the screen so you can straighten up and drive right. 

The MG Hector 2021 not only shows you the real-time traffic status of the city you are driving in but also suggests sections of routes to avoid. If a location is unavailable, the system runs a cloud search for it. Smart, isn’t it? Abnormal door open or ignition on? Fret not; you get alerted, thanks to the vehicle security alarm. 

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5. Your personal search party  

Whenever you’ve had trouble locating your belongings at home, the first reaction is to yell, “mom, I can’t find my socks, shoes, keys,” or whatever else. And like magic, she will make it appear out of thin air. Or she’ll tell you exactly where to look, and she’s never wrong.

Well, the I-SMART app ensures you never lose your car in a massive parking lot again. It can trigger the car horn and lights, making it easier for you to locate it in a sea of cars. You can also find your car using the Find My Car feature on the i-SMART app and follow walking directions to your ride. If you can’t remember if you left the car’s trunk locked/unlocked or the sunroof open, you can remotely check the status of your vehicle for added security.

Even if your car is stolen, you can track your vehicle and pin its location with MG Hector 2021’s stolen vehicle tracking assistance. 

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Friend, philosopher, and guide

There is no parallel to a mother’s intuition and fiercely protective side. She always has your back, no matter how old you are. This protective streak is in overdrive when you are on the road. Why not make the responsible choice and reassure your mother that you are always in safe hands when you’re in the MG Hector 2021?