Avoid these car wiper mistakes to keep them safe for long – MG Motor

A clear windshield gives a clear view of the surroundings ensuring a safe drive. It is estimated that around 20 per cent of road accidents across the world are a result of poor visibility. Hence, a clean windscreen is essential for safe driving besides powerful headlamps. Car wipers assist you in keeping the windshields clean and clear as they avoid the accumulation of dust, pollen, water, etc. Any fault in their operation should be treated as a serious safety issue. With time, they also wither just like any other car part and require timely maintenance. So let’s understand how you can avoid being in a tough situation due to poorly maintained car wipers.

1. Replacing the blades once a year 

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Usually, wiper blades last for about a year. Post that, they start to lose their ability to clean since the rubber begins to deteriorate. You can make out ageing wipers with the reducing visibility your windscreen offers. You’ll start noticing some squeaky sounds, skipping, smearing across the glass area it covers. Moreover, the extreme temperatures in our country make these blade rubbers hard, and when these blades are used, small chunks of the rubber begin to fall. Thus, replacing the blades once a year is crucial to ensure a safe drive.

2. Keep the windshield clean 

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For increased visibility, you need to keep your windshield always clean. The wiper blades wither fast when they are wiping a screen laden with small debris and dust on it. You should clean the windscreen every day to clear off the dirt and debris. Before applying the sponge for cleaning, use a paper towel to clean the sponge, as tiny dust particles present on the sponge may further harm your screen. The scratches will lead to compromised visibility and smearing of the oncoming light. 

3. Do not run wipers on a dry windshield 

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The basic function of a wiper is to clean water on the windshield. So, it should be used only when the windscreen is wet. If you wish to clean the dust accumulated on the glass, you should first use the washer fluid and then turn on the wipers to effectively clean the entire area. Keep your windshield wiper fluid always topped up as you never know when you may need it.

4. Reposition the blades during the winter months 

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If you reside in areas with relatively low temperatures, you need to reposition the blades of your car wiper. Keep your wiper blades away from the windshield as they stick to the glass in low temperatures, making the wiper operation almost impossible. While pulling them away, do check for any loose screws of your wiper arms. Since there is increased work for wipers in the monsoon, the screws may get loose.

With the advancement in technology, things have now taken automated ways. Rain-sensing wipers in cars like the MG Hector and Gloster reduce your distraction by doing the work on their own, without any manual intervention. You get both the auto and manual wiper options, so you have total control of your car’s wipers. Their speed is auto-adjusted based on the water falling on the screen. The sensor in the rain-sensing wiper tech is placed behind the interior rearview mirror, facing the windshield and helps in operating the feature.