An exclusive guide into your new EV’s features

When you think of futuristic cars, what comes to your mind? Sleek and stylish designs, high-end features and pathbreaking in every way. Well, when you think of it carefully, electric cars are pretty much the future when you consider that they not only use cleaner and greener technology but also offer a whole new driving experience. Naturally, that leaves you with the question – “what features can you expect from an EV today?”.

So, here are some features of an electric car that put them on par with fuel cars and also make them more suited for the future.

It’s Got The Look

A car is a significant investment that will stay with you for several years to come. Hence, the look and feel of it is something that should resonate with your style and should continue to be appealing longer after you have bought it. 

The MG ZS EV, for instance, is designed with a play on chrome on some of the car’s most attention-grabbing parts, such as the front grille, headlight and the rear end. This creates a cohesive metallic look, capable of complementing several colours. The brand has also incorporated small details into the car, such as the dotted lights visible on the grille, modelled after the stars in the sky. The placement of the logo is also strategic as it cleverly hides the charging port, as the lights glow blue when charging! 

But there is more to this thought process than what meets the eye. The lighting used right from the headlamps to taillamps is LED, meaning it will not do dim or need replacement during the life of the car. The car’s wheel design also cuts down on drag, for better efficiency at speed, offering a quieter and smoother drive. 

A Structure To Last 

There is a widespread belief that most EVs have a simpler structure compared to a fossil-fuel car, due to a lack of parts such as the engine and the gearbox. However, on account of having fewer parts, EVs tend to offer a few more benefits. For instance, an EV is a far quieter vehicle than a petrol or diesel one as it has no engine noise.  

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Furthermore, the structure of this EV tends to provide better efficiency than you would expect along with better performance as not many SUVs in the MG ZS’ class can match its 0-100kph time of 8.5 seconds! Since the car is dependant on the charge of the battery, it also does its best to help conserve it for your convenience. This is where the KERS (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) comes in; when your car is coasting or braking, the KERS recovers some of the car’s kinetic energy and puts it back into the batteries, increasing the range of the vehicle per charge. 

Smart Features For A Smart Age 

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When EVs as referred to as transportation of the future, they are done so for more than their environmentally conscious nature. The future of mobility also inherently lies in connectivity, and since the internet has found its way into multiple parts of daily life, why should cars be any different?

So, to help you enjoy a smooth, technologically advanced experience, here are a few smart features that the MG ZS brings to the table:

1. iSmart mobile phone application: It lets you monitor the car while you’re away from it. This means that not only can you check the status of the battery while the car is charging, but you can even start up climate control and have the cabin at a preferred temperature when you get to the car and ready to drive away. 

2. A 5G-ready SIM: The already installed SIM in the car lets you do many things that fit perfectly into our digital, smart age. For instance, your ZS can guide you to toward it in a large parking lot (it can even plot the shortest route to your parked ZS), get OTA – Over-The-Air updates so you do not have to visit a service centre to get updated features, and when you plot a route to a destination with the sat-nav, it will account for traffic.

3. iCall and e-Call: As the tech gets smarter, the convenience gets better. You can use the i-Call feature to talk to a representative at any point if you need assistance with a problem. The e-Call feature is the perfect example of tech-meets-safety. This feature is activated if your car’s airbags deploy in case of an accident, and places a call to you to ensure you are okay. If you are not, it will place a call to emergency services and dispatch them to your location. 

These are just some of the ways that make electric vehicles the future, and the MG ZS EV offers a test-drive of the future today. To know more about what the MG ZS Ev has in store for you, click here.