The MG Hector is India’s first car that will offer connectivity on the go. And the brain behind it is the revolutionary iSMART Next Gen technology. It combines hardware, software, connectivity, services and applications to make your driving experience easier, smoother, and smarter.

Information at a glance

This visually delightful interface gives all the information at a glance and allows you to manage complete vehicle settings, with just a touch. 

M2M Embedded SIM

The first to introduce Machine to Machine - M2M embedded sim in our cars. The sim is Internet protocol version 6, IPV6 ready for 5G, making it future proof.

Over-the-air updates

The biggest advantage of connected mobility is OTA (Over the Air updates). For the first time in India, a car will get updated over the air, the MG Hector. So, like your smartphones, you will get a new look screen and themes, new apps and new entertainment content from time to time as new updates are available

Voice Assistant

By saying “Hello, MG” to activate the in-car control system you can enjoy a safe journey with better interaction between you and your MG. The assistant adapts Indian-English pronunciation to our ASR so the car system can hear you correctly. Besides the accent, Indian-English and English could be very different when it comes to semantics in speech. We overcome the challenge with NLU learning which is Natural language Understanding. 


Our Head Unit houses a self-initiated Emergency Call feature that reaches our 24-by-7 Pulse Hub. If airbags are deployed under an emergency situation, E-Call is activated and a text message triggered. This message goes to the Pulse Hub with your Location. Message is also sent to registered phone numbers. A call is made to the head unit immediately. In case of no response, the owner’s phone is called followed by emergency contact. In case owner does not respond or needs assistance, emergency response is initiated to offer speedy assistance. 

Make your drive fun

Driving is no fun without music. We haven't just used our capabilities as India's first Internet Car to get you to your destination faster. We have also used it to make your drive fun! The Hector comes embedded with a Gaana Premium Account. Add that to the seamless, on-the-go connectivity, and you have your favourite tunes at the tap of a button!

MG Motor brand lineage

Know your Vehicle Status

You can always stay updated about the condition of the MG Hector with the iSMART Next Gen app. Before every journey, you can be sure that your car is in perfect health.

Remote Vehicle Control

The MG Hector accepts your commands from the iSMART Next Gen app. You can control the temperature, sunroof, tailgate and door lock with just a few clicks.

Find My Car

With the MG Hector, you needn’t worry where you parked your car. The ‘Find My Car’ feature on the iSMART Next Gen app instantly shows the shortest route to your car.

Geo Fence

The geo fencing technology on the MG Hector takes car security to a whole new level. It detects if your car has left the pre-set perimeter and alerts you about it instantly.


With the iSMART Next Gen app, you can have complete control over your journey in the MG Hector. It helps you reach your destination in the shortest time by showing you real-time traffic updates.