7 ways in which you can enjoy your 7-seater car

We know you love your car – the sense of excitement that drives you to explore the world through your rearview is something else. However, most often than not, our day-to-day lives can keep us from exploring new avenues on four wheels. What if we told you your car could take on a different avatar each time you took it out of the garage? That it could make monotony disappear the moment you unlocked it. 

Now that we’ve got your attention, let’s find out the thrilling possibilities your car holds: 

1. Ride with your furry friend

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Being a pet parent means having to sneak out of your house to avoid the look of betrayal on your pet’s face. But with a spacious car like the MG Hector 2021, your best pal can tag along on all your trips. With a number of pet-friendly cafes and resorts that promise quality time with your buddy, you don’t have to feel guilty about leaving them home while you go on vacation. If it’s your first outing with your fur baby, you might have to pet-proof your car – get a waterproof seat cover, pet hammock, and essential stuff such as treats and wipes. The excited look on your pet’s face will be worth the effort.

2. Go camping in style 

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Given that living out of a backpack is not everyone’s cup of tea, packing for a camping trip can feel like playing a stressful game of Tetris. Fortunately, thanks to spacious bench seats and ample boot space in your MG Hector 2021, fitting all your camping gear will be no problem at all. Whether it is camping essentials like sleeping bags and tents, or something more lavish such as a barbecue grill, there’s a place for everything in your Hector.

Making your way to the great outdoors becomes easier with the i-SMART connectivity in the all-new Hector, which allows you to switch between entertainment and navigation seamlessly. Once you’ve planned your trip, you can send the details to your car’s screen and search for points of interest along the way. You can conveniently search for nearby restaurants or check for fuelling opportunities with the help of the voice command feature in your Hector 2021. 

3. Have a romantic date night

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If you are looking for ways to put a creative spin on date nights, look no further than your four-wheeled friend. From parking at a scenic spot to stargazing while perched on the bonnet, your MG Hector 2021 is a great date night venue. When folded down, its 50:50 third-row split seats are perfect for creating a cosy nook; just lay down a fuzzy blanket, add some pillows – and voila. As you take a trip down memory lane by jamming to your favourite songs, the Hector’s 8-colour ambient lighting will add a touch of whimsy to your evening.

4. Travel safely with your little ones

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As a new parent, you’ll soon realise that no one loves car trips more than a toddler. But travelling with a kid means extra precautions and several bags – concerns that you can easily address if you have the all-new MG Hector 2021. Courtesy of ISOFIX child seat anchors that make it easy to safely cocoon your little ones, the Hector 2021 has tons of innovative storage solutions for faster access to toys, food, or other essentials. The abundant cabin space means there’s no need to mess with their nap time, and you know what that means – a well-deserved break for the parents.

5. Go shopping with the gang

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No matter the size of your friends’ circle or their shopping lists, the MG Hector 2021 lets you stack all bags in one trip. With AC vents in all three rows, you can cool down after a gruelling shopping session or recharge for the next one. And if you have your hands full with awesome deals, you can easily open your Hector’s tailgate with a swipe of your foot.

6. Have a family reunion on the move

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A family that travels together stays together, and the all-new MG Hector 2021 makes sure that no conversations are lost while commuting in separate vehicles. Especially when it comes to travelling with older parents or tiny tots. The Hector 2021 is packed with several convenience-first features such as ventilated front seats, height-adjustable headrests, and more. It also makes long drives much more enjoyable for the driver by providing tilt and telescopic steering and a six-way adjustable driver’s seat, among other things.

7. Work from anywhere

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Why wait for the weekend when you can work from any place that has steady Wi-Fi? With work from home becoming the new norm, you can switch up your work view without a second thought. Imagine taking a beachside stroll on your lunch break or gazing at the mountains each time you lift your eyes from your laptop. With wireless charging and an online voice recognition system that understands more than 35 Hinglish commands, your MG Hector 2021 can be your office on wheels. Trust us, chasing deadlines never seemed better.

As you drive home the revamped MG Hector 2021, we’re excited to see how this 7-seater changes your travels – and your life – for the better!