7 Features that are a must-have in an off-roader

When you think of an off-roader, images of powerful engines, sturdy chassis, and an SUV offering all-terrain performance is what immediately comes to mind. You find yourself dreaming of conquering rocky mountain terrains, setting up a camp by a river as you enjoy a hot cup of coffee, and never having to worry about limited boot space. If you like to go off the beaten trail often, you need a vehicle that offers all this and more. So, what should you look for in an ideal off-roader? Let’s find out.

1. Off-road tyres

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An off-roader cannot quite live up to its name without high-performance tyres. Off-road tyres (often referred to as all-terrain tyres) are designed to provide better handling and control, and consequently, improve safety on the trickiest roads. The ride quality they provide is also noticeably better than regular SUV tyres. For instance, the MG Gloster comes with 19-inch tyres that offer optimum traction and comfort on any terrain or in all weather conditions. So, no matter where you want to go, your MG Gloster will find a way to keep going. 

2. Ground clearance 

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This refers to the minimum distance between the underside of the car frame and the ground. An off-roader must have good ground clearance to navigate rocky terrain, logs, and more without getting stuck. While the minimum ground clearance for Indian roads is 170-180mm, an off-roader must have a lot more to protect its underside from damage. The MG Gloster offers a ground clearance of 210mm, which gives it added functionality while complementing its stylish looks. 

3. Ladder frame chassis 

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The chassis of a car is the structure that supports all the components of a car. An off-roader’s chassis is exceptionally robust and built to endure rough use because of its tough built. It gets its name from the distinct body shape, essentially a framework of two long beams and two short beams. This frame isolates the engine and running gear from the passenger cabin—the result, minimal shocks while driving on unpaved roads.

4. Angle of approach/ramp-over/departure 

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Picture this: you are driving up a dune in the Thar. The maximum angle at which your vehicle can climb without the front bumper getting stuck in the sand is called its angle of approach. On the other hand, the departure angle comes into play when you drive off the terrain. In other words, it is the ground clearance relative to the terrain you’re on- a key aspect to keep an eye out for. Another important feature in an off-roader is the ramp-over angle between your tyres and the vehicle’s underside, enabling a scrape-free ride for you over any obstacle. 

5. Four-wheel drive

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This is the gold standard when it comes to off-roaders. The front and rear axle drive, or four-wheel drive as it is popularly known, provides better traction, especially in snow or mud. It means that all four wheels are powered, unlike the regular two-wheel drive, where the transmission only supplies power to the front wheels while the rear two can only spin. Packed with the next-generation intelligent four-wheel-drive system, the MG Gloster is tailor-made to satiate your love for adventure. Its All Terrain System comes with seven driving modes, including Snow, Sand, Mud, and Rock, giving you enhanced control over challenging landscapes. You could also tune your MG Gloster to Auto mode and let it decide the driving mode on its own. 

6. Power

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When it comes to off-roading, adrenaline junkies swear by the breath-taking power output of the 2.0 litre twin-turbocharged diesel engine. Torque is another feature that provides your off-roader with the ability to glide over any obstacle with ease. Powered by an engine that pumps out 218 bhp and 480Nm of torque, the MG Gloster aims to activate unmatched power and torque for an unstoppable attitude.  

7. Limited-slip/locking differentials

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Slippery roads can severely tax a car’s suspension system. For this reason, off-roaders must have adequate driving force and traction to the wheels. The electro-mechanical differential lock in the MG Gloster does just that. When stuck in a gritty situation, it transfers the full potential of the torque to the wheel and engages the Traction Control System, thereby giving you the confidence to forge new paths into the unknown. 

So, there you have it – a list of features that makes a car worthy of the off-roader status. While other cars are built to be driven on well-paved roads, off-roaders like the MG Gloster are designed to be one with the wilderness. It’s a car that will not only accompany you on adventures but also encourage you to take on new ones. A perfect companion to your wanderlust, there’s a lot that you’ll discover at the helm of your off-roader.