5 Ways in Which We At MG Interpret The Sayings of Mahatma Gandhi

The legacy of Mahatma Gandhi runs long and deep; his contributions to our nation’s life extend beyond the part he played in the freedom struggle to include the valuable wisdom he has left the common Indian with. Distilled into powerful statements, this wisdom can be used as a guiding light by one and all, us at MG Motor included. We have instilled the spirits of several quotes by the Mahatma in our cars and customer service orientation to give our customers the power of choice that they deserve:

1. “It is Health That is Real Wealth And Not Pieces of Gold And Silver.”

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All the riches of the world are worthless if one cannot enjoy them, and one cannot enjoy anything if one doesn’t have good health. At MG Motor, we firmly believe in the undeniable value of good health, a belief that is imbued in all our cars. The MG Gloster and MG ZS EV feature PM 2.5 filters in their aircon systems to ensure that the driver and passengers inhale clean, pure air. Additionally, all MG cars are built around the central pillar of safety – features such as airbags, electronic stability program and traction control, ABS, electronic brake distribution, brake assist, and speed warning alerts are offered as standard across our range. All these and many more efforts have gone into making the best family cars in India as part of the MG fleet. 

2. “There is More to Life Than Increasing Its Speed.” (no image)

A slow life can be a beautiful life because it allows us to appreciate things around us. Rushing through life can cause us to miss out on much. This wisdom carries over to the road too; simply increasing speed is not always the best solution, nor the safest. To that end, the MG Advanced Driver Assistant System (ADAS) features a Speed Assist function that monitors traffic signs to infer speed limits and warns drivers visually and acoustically if they are crossing them. In intelligent mode, it can even reduce the car speed to bring it within allowable limits. In life, as on the road, too much speed is counter-productive.

3. “Peace is its Own Reward.” 

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Peace and tranquility can be means and ends in themselves. All MG cars are designed to cocoon their occupants in the type of comfort that can inspire calm. With the HectorGlosterZS EV, and the upcoming SUV in India by MG, the Astor, customers can take road trips to serene locations and kick back, maybe even enjoy the starry nights through their panoramic sunroofs. Even while driving, MG customers never have to worry about distractions or having to take their eyes off the road – with voice-activated commands; their hands can stay on the steering wheel and eyes on the road ahead at all points of time.

4. “It is the Quality of Our Work Which Will please God And Not the Quantity.” 

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MG, since its inception in 1924, has been focused on quality and not quantity. As a company, it has always enshrined the values of craftsmanship and excellence, placing customer satisfaction at its altar of worship above all else. Over the past century, all MG cars have prioritized comfort, performance, build quality, and reliability over mass output and sales numbers. Even today, MG Motor focuses on a handful of models, each of which is a segment leader in its own right.

5. “Where There is Love, There is Life.”

Life is nothing without love, which is why every customer of MG Motor is not just a customer; they are part of the MG family. We also believe in sharing the love, which is why the MG Referral program encourages customers to spread the word about their experience with MG cars and encourage others to join this family. With every successful referral, the referrer gets points that they can redeem against all paid services, annual maintenance contracts, official accessories, and merchandise.

We owe much to Mahatma Gandhi as Indian citizens and as human beings in general. His wise words had withstood the test of time and ring as true today as they did when he first spoke them. At MG Motor, we believe in constant improvement, and enshrining the Mahatma’s values is part of that process for us.