5 Sun-kissed beaches that promise you an unforgettable time with your family

Imagine blue shades of the horizon coupled with waves that wash away the stress of the daily grind. Yes, a beach vacation is perfect for letting your hair down and getting some much-needed fun. Home to pristine beaches that offer something for every traveller, India’s majestic coastline is one you must experience. With the weather turning and temperatures rising, it’s probably a good idea to plan your next adventure where the sun, sea, and sand meet. So, here are five dreamy beaches that will guarantee you moments to unwind with your family. 

1. Tarkarli, Maharashtra 

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Set in the tranquil region of Malvan in Maharashtra, Tarkarli is a treasure trove for beach lovers. Adorned with a Konkan coastline, Tarkarli promises an experience beyond comparison. The hub offers a plethora of activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, and boat rides that give you a view of the mesmerizing Tarkarli sunset. Take your little ones for a day of sightseeing where you may spot dolphins at sea and bison at the National Park in Dajipur, near the village. 

The best part? Untouched by commercial tourism, Tarkarli is a must-visit spot if you are looking to experience a frolicking family vacation amidst nature. 

2. Varca, Goa

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If your children are raving about visiting Goa, but you want to stay away from the hype, Varca beach is the place for you. Encompassed with mesmerizing natural beauty, this white sandy beach located in South Goa is a 12 km stretch of lush greenery and silver shores. Contrasting the tranquil blue waters are black lava rocks that make a great spot for family portraits. There’s more to do here than just build sand castles or splash around in the water. Enjoy a day of fishing as the captivating sunset paints the sky a shade of blood orange. Later you can try your luck at the Zuri White Sands Casino for a game of Black Jack. You may just hit the jackpot on your vacation! 

Besides enjoying the quintessential water activities like a banana boat ride and water skiing, check out the renowned Margao market. Located just 4 kms from Varca beach, the market is an excellent place to get your hands on local artifacts, quality cashewnuts and other souvenirs. 

3. Paradise Beach, Pondicherry 

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True to its name, Paradise Beach, popularly also known as Plage Paradiso, is a popular tourist spot among beach lovers. A picturesque boat ride from the quaint town of Pondicherry, Paradise beach, is all about unwinding and relaxing your mind. Boasting of a shore that exerts a magnetic pull on all those who visit the area, Paradise beach is a haven for photographers. Here, you can enjoy a game of beach volleyball uninterrupted, sip on fresh coconut water, and lazily stroll back to your room for a refreshing afternoon siesta. 

Despite being a hot spot for canoeing, jet-skiing, and kayaking, these activities are not available all year round. If you are hoping to indulge in some thrilling water sports, it is best to check with your hotel staff before planning your trip. 

4. Alappuzha Beach, Kerala 

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Fondly known as the ‘Venice of India’, Alappuzha beach exudes an unparalleled charm and has bagged the title of one of the most exotic beaches of India. Besides offering a view of the golden sand being cradled in clear turquoise waters, Alappuzha is also famous for its seasonal boat races, marine products, and coir industry. A family vacation to the backwaters of India will take you on a journey back in time. To experience the remarkable nature around you, stay in a houseboat that now comes equipped with all luxury facilities and amenities. 

The best part of a vacation to a beach in Kerala? You can indulge yourself with a relaxing, traditional Ayurvedic massage to make the most of a rejuvenating experience.

5. Mahabalipuram Beach, Tamil Nadu

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About 58 km south of Chennai is Tamil Nadu’s historic marvel – Mahabalipuram beach. Steeped in natural resplendence and cultural significance, this beach is meets the mighty Bay of Bengal. Among other attractions, the Shore Temple, Monolithic Rathas, and caves from the 8th century make the beach a perfect vacation and learning spot for the family. After a morning of windsurfing and swimming, hit the nearby Tiger’s Cave and Crocodile Bank with your children. 

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