5 Instagram Reels Trends That You Can Try in Your Car

As people across the country continue to stay at home for everyone’s safety, many creative minds have taken it upon themselves to share positive vibes through their social media platforms. With an array of ideas, transitions, tunes, and colours, several content creators have managed to spark joy even in the bleakest of times. And with time on your hands, it is the perfect chance for you to do the same. After all, you can’t deny the fact that you’ve replayed a few reels to understand the science behind it. 

Now you might be wondering what your first reel should be, and while there are tons of ideas online, you can start your very own trend – in your very own MG. Creating video content from inside your parked car can be an ingenious trick that not many have tried before. 

So, let’s take a look at some viral Instagram Reels and how you can put your own twist to them from inside your car: 

1. The 1 Video 8 photos trend

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This Instagram Reels trend has gained quite a lot of hype, with several well-known faces making reels about it. “Touch It” was originally a 2009 song by rap artist Busta Rhymes, but recently it has been remixed and used as background music on reels.

To try this sensational Instagram Reels trend with your car, you can shoot different clips with your car and transition them with the drop of every beat. You can don funky outfits for every transition or even create a comedy sketch with witty captions. No matter what you try, the sleek aesthetics of your MG can be the perfect prop for sensational reels.

2. Everything at Once

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The song ‘Everything at Once’ sung by famous musician Lenka came out in 2014 and has recently been revived as a popular Instagram Reels trend. This trend is all about matching the song’s lyrics with appropriate pictures of your friends, family, a favourite show, etc. However, it can be modified uniquely by using photos of your friends with their cars instead. Matching their on-road personas to the lyrics is bound to get you likes and laughs. You can even use the song to make reels on how different family members behave on road trips. With a range of exquisite colour variants, your or your friend’s MG can add a pop of colour to your very own ‘Everything at Once’ Reel.

3. No, I don’t believe in soulmates, but…

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You’ve probably seen many versions of this trend, but the most popular one features a cover of the hit song “Ankhon Mein Teri” rummaged from the Bollywood archives. The original cover of the song was sung and popularised by Janani. Since then, several celebrities have used her cover, such as ShivShakti Sachdev, where she shot clips with her lovable four-legged friend. This is an ingenious concept for Instagram Reels, where you can use clips of yourself with your car with the same background music, signifying your love for your four-wheeled partner.

4. Runaway Aurora

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Another example of Instagram Reels resurrecting old hits from back in the day is the 2015 single ‘Runaway’ by Aurora. Several Instagrammers such as Mary have used it as background music for some mesmerising stop motion edits with surreal background panoramas. This is a rather recent trend from April 2021, with many people still following suit. Some popular auto-vloggers and moto-vloggers have been following this trend by using snapshots of them on their cars and motorbikes. You can try this trend by shooting similar clips and editing them with the ‘Runaway’ song for your Instagram Reels. This can be the perfect opportunity to dive into your artsy side and show a never-seen-before avatar of your car. 

5. Google Earth

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Since the lockdown bears heavy upon us all, armchair travelling is something that many of us have taken a liking to. This new Instagram Reels trend of a video that zooms in from space using the Google Earth software has piqued the interest of several content creators. Most travel bloggers like Chris have followed this trend and shown clips of picturesque locations they have travelled to in the past. You can be a part of this trend by combining clips of your previously shot road trips and sharing those beautiful locations with your Instagram followers. 

So, get your creative gears turning and bring along your beloved MG for a thrilling ride. Send your MG Reels to us at social@mgmotor.co.in, and we might share some of our favourites on our social channels.